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A Journey Into Paradise

Getting Married in Mexico – The Ultimate Destination Wedding

13 September, 2012

Today more and more couples are looking for unique ways to tie the knot,and Mexico real estate can provide the ultimate luxury experience for a destination wedding on almost any budget. A destination wedding can be the perfect answer for families that are spread out over a large geographical area,or for couples who want a memorable and exotic wedding experience.

In Mexico,Cancun and the Riviera Maya offer some of the best deals for couples looking to get hitched away from home,with a variety of wedding and honeymoon packages available. In addition,affordable flights make it easy to travel to and from the region from almost anywhere in the world,while the abundance of activities are sure to please even the most discriminating of invited guests. These include snorkeling and diving,exploring the ancient Mayan archaeological sites that are located throughout the Yucatan peninsula,and enjoying the excellent cuisine,fabulous weather and thriving nightlife for which the region has become famous.

As part of the wedding planning phase,it is important for couples to decide whether they wish to have a civil or a symbolic ceremony. A civil ceremony is an official marriage where you actually receive a license,while a symbolic ceremony is done as more of a celebratory event,and the couple obtains the actual marriage license in their home country. 

Either way,the ceremony can be religious,but if you decide to have a civil ceremony it is important to allow at least four working days prior to the wedding in order to process all necessary paperwork and obtain a license. To apply,you will need to bring your passports,tourist cards,birth certificates (including certified Spanish translations),and you will need to fill out a license application.  In addition,a blood test will be required,and you will need two witnesses who are Mexican citizens,or two witnesses with valid passports. For this reason many couples prefer to have symbolic weddings in Mexico,since the paperwork is often less complicated in their country of origin. 

For more information,contact the Mexico Tourism Board at (800) 44-MEXICO.