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A Journey Into Paradise

Mexico Real Estate: Closes the Gap on Universal Healthcare

13 September, 2012

Mexico is nearing its goal of universal
healthcare and already covers all services for young children,according to the
Mexico Ministry of Health. While the US government continues to argue about
President Obama’s Healthcare Reform law,Mexico has steadily closed its own
gaps in coverage.

Just ten short years ago,more than half of
Mexico’s population was living without health insurance. This dire state of
affairs caused congress to pass the Seguro Popular (popular insurance) law,
which guarantees care for all citizens. According to Mexico’s health minister
Salomon Chertorivski,prior to passing the new law,only Mexicans who held a
formal or salaried job enjoyed the support of a financial mechanism for

Since the passing of Seguro Popular in 2004
Mexico has enrolled more than 50 million people in the plan,which Chertorivski
says will reach universal coverage in December of this year. This means that
every Mexican citizen will have access to a financial support mechanism for

In addition to ensuring that universal
coverage is reached,the challenges that are still left to overcome include
standardizing the quality of care for all areas of Mexico,and improving
preventative health measures throughout the population. To accomplish this,
Mexico has been investing heavily in its infrastructure in recent years,
building more than 1,000 new hospitals and clinics over the last five years
alone. According to Chertorivski,the goal is to ensure that everyone receives
the same quality of care regardless of where they may live. To this end,the
government is also working to establish an electronic medical record system
that will centralize health records for all participants.

When it comes to preventative care,Mexico
has made progress but still has much ground to cover. While only 9 percent of
the population has lived beyond 60 years of age in recent generations,by 2040
one in four Mexicans are expected to be over 60.

Today,100% of all first care needs are
covered under Seguro Popular,while 95% of secondary care is covered. All
cancer treatments are covered for citizens under 18 years of age,as well as
all breast,cervical and uterine cancers,testicular cancer,non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma
and bone marrow transplantation for adults. In addition,everything is covered
for children under five years of age.