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A Journey Into Paradise

Mexico Real Estate Celebrates Day of the Dead

13 September, 2012

Day of the Dead,or Dia de los Muertos,is celebrated between October 31st and
November 2nd each year and is a time in which people throughout Mexico real estate
honor their departed loved ones. While the name may sound macabre,the
celebrations are anything but. Characterized by bright colors and lively
festivities,including the elaborate decoration of graves and altars,the Day
of the Dead is meant to welcome the spirits of the deceased and sees many
Mexicans visiting cemeteries to spend time in the presence of loved ones who
have passed away.

Day of the Dead has its origins in pre-Hispanic times,when the dead were
typically buried close to the family home,sometimes even in a tomb beneath the
house. Their culture viewed it as important to maintain ties with ancestors
even after death,when their spirits were believed to exist on a different
plane of existence. After the Spaniards arrived and introduced Catholicism,
customs and practices from All Souls Day and All Saints Day were blended with
existing beliefs to create the modern Day of the Dead holiday.

It is
believed that spirits return to earth one day of the year to be with their
families,with the spirits of small children or infants arriving at midnight on
October 31st and adults following on November 1st. Spirits are warmly welcomed by
richly decorated altars that are decked out with food and other items the
departed would have enjoyed during life,so they can once again enjoy their
essence and aroma. After the spirits have returned to the land of the dead,the
family enjoys the offerings and shares them with friends and neighbors.

Merida and the Riviera Maya are two excellent places
to enjoy Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico real estate. In Mayan,the
festivities are called Hanal Pixan,which translates to “feast for the souls,”
and families traditionally consume chicken tamales known as pibipollo that are
prepared in an underground fire pit. In the Riviera Maya,the world-renowned
Xcaret theme park holds a fabulous celebration each year known as the “Festival
of Life and Death,” to honor the holiday. Here,visitors can take in a wide
variety of dance and theater performances,as well as educational seminars,
concerts,parades and special Day of the Dead rituals.