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Mexico Prepared to Meet the Needs of Retirees

13 September, 2012

Mexico's president Felipe
Calderon has announced that the government will be prepared to meet the varied needs
of its seniors,according to an article released in early August on AARP's
website. This is good news for those considering retiring south of the border
and bodes well for the country's future.

Although the article points out
that Mexico still has a median age of 27,which is almost 10 years younger than
that of the United States,by 2050 the median age of Mexican citizens is
projected by the RAND Corporation,the Vicente Fox Center and AARP to reach 43,
while the country's life expectancy rose from a mere 36 up to to 74 years
between 1950 and 2000,and it continues to climb. 

To ensure that Mexico's aging
population will be well taken care of in the coming years,current president
Calderon is extending efforts by previous leader Vicente Fox. This includes
extending healthcare to all citizens. “We are about to reach universal health
care coverage,which means there will be doctors,medicine and treatment for
every Mexican who needs it,” he says.

Although the existence of
inexpensive healthcare is not the only reason to consider retiring in Mexico,
it is part of the equation for many expats from the United States and other
countries. Even purchasing private health insurance in Mexico costs much less
than it does in the US,with government plans also available for a small yearly
fee that covers the cost of preventative checkups and routine tests.

In addition,according to the AARP the countless mexico real estate
bargains,fabulous beaches and close proximity to the United States have made
Mexico a favorite choice for American retirees. In addition,most of Mexico is
very safe,even when compared to cities in the US. In fact,almost all of the
violence that graces the evening news is taking place along the US-Mexico
border,thousands of miles away from the areas where expats are settling in to
enjoy retirement.

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