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Mexico Health Care Under U.S. Insurance?

13 September, 2012

With the reforms to the U.S. heath care system approved,medical insurance companies are now in a great position to outsource treatment to Mexico health care providers.

Over a million Americans already live in Mexico,and many more would be prepared to travel. So the market is worth fighting for.

Last year,Bruno Ferrari,head of Promexico,promotors of foreign investment in Mexico,said authorities are already interested in the idea.

Mexican businessman and the world's richest man,Carlos Slim,is well-prepared as usual. As well as promoting better health care in the poor areas of Mexico he also has a private Mexico health care business that provides treatment for foreigners. It is sure to expand rapidly.

Nasdaq and the Times of India reported that Indian outsourcing firms are also now planning to increase their presence in the U.S. to help them win contracts. 

However,it stands to reason that Mexico will benefit even more from the bill since it can offer Americans health care outsourcing much closer to home.

There has even been talk of allowing Medicare and Medicaid to cover treatment by Mexico health care providers.

Expats in Mexico say that by covering medical treatment in Mexico, Medicare could save almost a quarter of the average cost for most procedures and some forms of health care in the U.S. can cost 12 times as much as in Mexico.

Last December, Time magazine looked at the differences in price between U.S. and Mexico health care.

Among other savings,they found that a hip replacement costs $12,000 with Mexico health care compared with between $43,000 and $63,000 in the U.S.; and a coronary bypass in Mexico costs an average of $21,000 compared to $149,000 in the U.S.

Supporters of the idea are lobbying the U.S. government and say that the chance to provide services to Americans at much lower cost outside the U.S. is massive.

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