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Mexico beats USA 4-2 in Gold Cup

13 September, 2012

Last Saturday night the USA and
Mexico battled it out in Pasadena,California,in the Concacaf Gold Cup soccer
game. It was Mexico's sixth Gold Cup title and took away the US teams hopes for
a place in Brazil's 2013 Confederations Cup. 

The game was intense and
characterized by defensive shortcomings on the part of the US team,which was
already trailing by 3-2 in the beginning of the second half after losing a 2-0
lead that was gained during the first half of the game. US player Clint Dempsey
almost tied the game when his goal attempt ricocheted off the goal post,but
the team's fate was sealed when Mexico's Giovani Dos Santos intercepted a pass
and scored,bringing the score up to its final of 4-2. 

US coach Bob Bradley later told
the New York Times that the move was,“A great piece of skill,” and it proved
to be the crowning moment of the entire game. With a packed house of more than
93,000 fans,most of whom were rooting for Mexico to win,the Rose Bowl
exploded into a deafening roar as Santos made the final goal of the game.
“Obviously it's like a home game for Mexico,but we knew we would have to deal
with that,” Bradley added.

The game started slowly with the
US team playing a wide-open game that was the direct opposite of Mexico's
calculated moves and razor sharp attack. Despite giving up two corners and
losing star defender Steve Cherundolo early in the game,the Americans were
able to seize control early on with a score of 2-0,thanks in large part to the
impressive skills of 22 year old Freddy Adu.

Although Mexico also lost two
defenders – Rafael Marquez and Carlos Salcido – in the first half of the game,
some impressive teamwork between star striker Javier Hernandez and Pablo
Barrera put the team on the scoreboard before the first half hour had passed.
From here,the trend continued with several characteristic defensive errors on
the part of the US team,coupled with a barrage of speedy,skillful attacks
successfully executed by the Mexican team,ending with a 4-2 victory for

“The way Mexico plays,it's a real challenge for your back four,”
Bradley said. “Sometimes a final becomes a real test of going after each other,
knowing it will require some good defensive reactions.”

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