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A Journey Into Paradise

Merida Real Estate: Named #1 Best Places to Retire Abroad

13 September, 2012

The editor of International
Living and the publisher of Live and Invest Overseas have recently teamed up
with Kiplinger to name eight of the best places to retire outside of the US,
and the town of Merida,Mexico,was named number one.

Located on the Yucatan Peninsula,
Merida received this designation thanks to the excellent access to health care
and low cost of living that can be found here. According to the Global
Retirement Index,a typical American couple can expect to pay around $1,700 per
month to live in Merida and enjoy the unique colonial charm of this beautiful
tropical destination. Situated just 22 miles inland,Merida
real estate
has a distinct European vibe,thanks in part to a variety
of interesting Old World architecture and a diverse population.

In Merida,retirees can enjoy
rich culture in the form of several opera houses,stunning cathedrals and a
large number of excellent dining opportunities. The growing number of retired
expats has made this an attractive option for aging couples who enjoy being part
of the local community. In addition,Merida's English-language newspaper and
library make it easy to stay connected with the daily goings-on and to enjoy
new releases from the worldwide literary community. It is also quite safe in
Merida,as it is located thousands of miles from the violence along the US

There is an international airport in Merida,making it easy for friends
and family from all over the world to visit,while the nearby Mayan ruins and
fabulous Yucatan coast make this a region that is rich in activities that help
retirees feel young at heart. The weather here is classified as a tropical wet
and dry climate,which means warm temperatures all year long,while the newly
revived historic downtown area offers a variety of shopping and sightseeing

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