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Men’s Soccer Wins First Olympic Gold for Mexico Real Estate

13 September, 2012

Every major news outlet from Bloomberg to the New York Times is reporting on Mexico’s Olympic victory,with the men’s soccer team beating Brazil 2-1 in the final to bring home the country’s first gold medal for soccer in the London games. This victory over the Brazilian team,which holds the record as five-time World Cup Champions,caused thousands of Mexicans to spill out onto city squares across the country in celebration.

“This has been the highest point of my career. To sing the national anthem with a gold medal around your neck is priceless,” shared Mexico’s coach Luis Fernando Tena.

Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon echoes this sentiment,stating,“Gold for Mexico in soccer,a historic achievement for our country. We are happy and proud of our team.”

Since 1999 Mexico has defeated Brazil in six of 12 games,and this was the team’s first Olympic final in men’s soccer since the 1988 Seoul games,when they won the silver medal.

In London,Mexico took the lead a mere 28 seconds after kickoff,when a pass by Brazil was intercepted and led to a goal. Brazil seemed to be unsettled by Mexico’s early goal,and tried hard to create opportunities to score,all but one of which were to no avail.

Two goals from Mexico’s striker Oribe Peralta propelled Mexico to win by one point over Brazil in London. Brazil continually fired shots at Mexico’s goalkeeper,but was denied a second goal,which would have tied the game.

“Mexico actually has better statistics than Brazil on many things,such as a lower homicide rate,” writes the LA Times. “There was a bit of ‘We showed you!’ in some of the reaction Saturday to the win.”

Amazingly,this was Mexico’s first appearance in an Olympic soccer final,but by the looks of their performance,it will definitely not be the country’s last!