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A Journey Into Paradise

First Carbon Neutral Scuba Trip in Cozumel

13 September, 2012

When it comes to saving the planet,Mexico has another feather to add to its cap. Blue Planet Scuba,a new scuba diving organization from Washington,D.C. will be launching the first ever “carbon neutral” scuba driving trip in Cozumel, Mexico. From February 18 through the 22nd,Blue Planet Scuba trip takers will be able to enjoy four days of scuba diving adventure just off the coast of Mexico. Best of all – it's designed to be as eco-friendly as possible.  

Blue Planet Scuba is an exclusive offer for DC,Maryland and Virginia divers. Their trip to Cozumel is the first of what they hope to be many of such trips. They partner with TerraPass to create carbon neutral trips that allows the trips to be carbon neutral. They will purchase carbon offset credits in order to compensate for the verified and measurable carbon distribution associated with air travel,hotels and scuba gear,reported the company through an official press release.

“We're really excited to bring divers from the DC Metro area to experience the diversity and thrill of the underwater world,and to see firsthand what makes the ocean environment so unique. But in doing so,we believe it's our responsibility to limit our travel programs' impact on these same environments,” said Heather Tallent,the Co-Owner and Director of Outreach for Blue Planet,“Our focus is combining education,conservation and adventure in a way that helps scuba divers become the best advocates and allies for life in our oceans.”

Carbon dioxide is the leading cause of global climate change. This can have a terrible effect on the ocean and undersea life. Exploring options for sustainable travel can pave the way for a whole new approach to scuba diving and travel to Mexico.

“Offsets are ultimately just one small step and must be combined with a broader effect to reduce carbon footprints – we hope other businesses will follow,” said Tallent.