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Even Celebrities are following Bill Gates and investing in Mexico

13 September, 2012

When the likes of Bill Gates start buying companies in Mexico it's not long before other Multi Millionaires get on the band wagon and start investing in new ventures in Mexico. 

Madonna,the chart topping queen of pop and very astute business woman has just announced she is going to open new fitness centers around the world,the first will be in Mexico. The gyms will merge fitness with Madonna's own style of entertainment. It will open in Mexico in mid November according to reports. The chain will be called 'Hard Fitness' which is the name of her 2008 album which sold millions of copies world wide. Other countries getting these fitness centers include Brazil,Russia,Argentina and most European cities according to a statement released this week.

Madonna as we all read about is a fitness fanatic and works out daily. She is also very keen on dance,with this in mind she teamed up with 'Twenty - four hour' fitness owner and founder Mark Mastrov.

Madonna's management team lead by Guy Oseary is involved and a partner in the new venture. You can bet with this amount of management experience behind the new venture it will be a huge success.

A press release this week by Hard Candy Management director Chris Dedicik said that Hard Candy Fitness Centers "would be a one of a kind experience merging fitness with entertainment."

With Celebrities like Madonna investing in Mexico with a new venture it just goes to show how far Mexico has come and with more people doing the same thing and investing here it shows this country is only getting stronger and better,day by day.

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