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A Journey Into Paradise

Divers Find Skull and Evidence of Earliest Americans in Yucatan Mexico

13 September, 2012

On the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico,a team of explorers from the Projecto Espeleológico de Tulum (PET) has recently uncovered what appears to be the oldest traces of the most primitive humans ever discovered in the Americas. PET is an organization that is focused on underwater cave studies and the expedition was spearheaded by Alberto “Beto” Nava,with the help of Alex Alvarez and Franco Attolini.

After many years of trekking through jungles and surveying cave passages,the team’s explorations led them to the underwater caves of the Yucatan in Mexico. Here,they found a huge hollow named Hoyo Negro (which means Black Hole in Spanish) which they have reached by using underwater propulsion vehicles that enable them to travel through more than 4,000 feet of underwater passages. 

Hoyo Negro itself is approximately 200 feet deep and 120 feet in diameter and is located inside the Aktun-Hu cave system in the state of Quintana Roo in Mexico. This immense ancient pit is already said to be the team’s once-in-a-lifetime discovery. In their attempt to survey and map the newly discovered area,the explorers performed several dives.  These attempts led them to the sighting of the remains of an Ice Age mastodon and a human skull lying at the bottom of the flooded cave. 

Significantly,the discoveries are traces of the oldest humans yet to be discovered in the Americas. Further studies and analyses of these human skeletal remains uncovered at Hoyo Negro will facilitate the group’s best interest to fathom one of American archaeology’s greatest mysteries,which is to trace who the first Americans really were. 

There is true value in the recovery of these remains and archeologists have been eyeing Mexico as one of the most promising borders for Paleoindian studies. Recently,many scientific explorations and expeditions have been undertaken to realize one common goal: To come up with answers to questions that have always been left unanswered.  Furthermore,it is good to know that more and more organizations are working hand in hand,putting their best efforts toward solving one of mankind’s greatest mysteries.

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