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A Journey Into Paradise

Cancun Real Estate's JW Marriott Resort Goes Green

13 September, 2012

As one of the most popular vacation
destinations on the planet,Cancun real
is home to gorgeous beaches,clear blue waters and a sunny
climate. It's no surprise that many visitors come back year after year to enjoy
the natural beauty and exciting nightlife of this multi-faceted city. In recent
years,the impact this popularity has had on the environment has become
increasingly important to local business and large resorts alike,many of which
have begun to implement Eco-friendly initiatives in an effort to preserve Cancun
for future generations to enjoy.

The JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa
has recently joined these efforts,introducing a new Eco-conscious strategy
that is designed to reduce waste and conserve valuable resources. For example,
the resort has implemented a stringent recycling program and staff members have
been trained to separate trash into proper containers for pickup.

In addition,the JW Marriott Cancun has
installed a revolutionary reverse osmosis water treatment plant on the
property,which turns wastewater into potable drinking water using state of the
art technology. In just one day,the plant can generate 900 cubic meters of
clean water,which has a substantial impact on the amount of water that gets

The kitchen at the resort has also
gotten into the game by recycling the vegetable oil it consumes and converting
the used product to bio-diesel. This reduces CO2 emissions because it burns
much cleaner than other fossil fuels and makes clever use of a waste product by
turning it into something useful.

years,the JW Marriott Cancun has also maintained a sea turtle conservation
program that has saved thousands of endangered creatures. Each year,staff
members search for sea turtle eggs along the beach and bring them into a
protected environment for incubation. After hatching,the baby turtles are
released back into the sea,much to the delight of guests at the resort.

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