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Cabo San Lucas Real Estate: 2012 IGFA Marlin Tournament a Huge Success

13 September, 2012

Cabo San Lucas,located at the tip of the Baja California peninsula,is the site of the annual IGFA Offshore World Championship Marlin Tournament,which wrapped up late last week with a remarkable win by a local team. 

The tournament hosts 46 teams from 21 countries and is always great news for Cabo San Lucas real estate owners,due to the huge draw it provides for visitors from around the world. The field included a number of experienced teams from qualifying events all over the world,as well as past champions,all hoping to catch either striped marlin,which are worth 200 points per release,or even better,blue,black,or sword,which are worth 500 points per release. 

This year’s four-day tournament boasted one of the best ‘bites’ this competition has seen throughout its 13-year history,according to Sport Fishing magazine,with an amazing 139 striped marlin releases on the very first day,followed by 152 releases on the second day and 102 on the third. The winning team,which represented the 2010 IGFA champion team,had 11 striped marlin releases on both day one and day two,followed by an impressive 15 releases on day three,which gave them 7,400 points – enough to take a commanding lead. 

On Friday,May 18,participating anglers attended an awards ceremony at Cabo’s Finisterra Hotel,where they enjoyed a buffet-style dinner,door prizes,a video presentation,live music and a fireworks display. The winning team received diamond-embellished gold championship rings designed by Mark Lloyd of Vanmark Jewelry,as well as Geoffrey Smith bronze sculptures,customized fighting belts and release gloves from Aftco,and a variety of other prizes. 

The IGFA Offshore Championship tournament has often been likened to the Olympics of sport fishing,and is a huge honor for Mexico and for Cabo,due in part to the rigid requirements anglers must meet in order to compete in the event. This includes winning one of the more than 10 qualifying tournaments held worldwide in more than 35 countries,making the IGFA Championship one of the most prestigious international fishing competitions of all time. 

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