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A Journey Into Paradise

Cabo San Lucas Home for Jennifer Aniston's Thanksgiving

13 September, 2012

Jennifer Aniston,Friends star and Hollywood A-lister,was spotted renting a Cabo San Lucas home over the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday this past weekend.  Jennifer and comedienne Chelsea Handler were soaking up the sun on some of the most fabulous beaches in all of Mexico.

Jennifer is becoming a regular in Cabo (as the locals call it) as she spent her birthday here this past February with fellow Friends alum Courtney Cox and stars Gerard Butler and Sheryl Crow.  It was also recently reported that newly single Courtney and Jennifer are looking for vacation homes in the Cabo.

Cabo is clearly Jennifer’s favorite vacation spot and it is easy to see why.  Located at the very end of the Baja Peninsula,Cabo San Lucas is a playground for sun worshippers and water enthusiasts alike.  The waters of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean come together and present some spectacular swimming,snorkeling and diving.  Sport fishing is extremely popular here as well,and Cabo San Lucas is home to one of the largest marlin tournaments in the world.

The natural harbor has been a refuge for mariners for hundreds of years,and there is a colorful history of pirates and Spanish galleons running afoul of each other.  The area really opened up when road access was completed in 1973,allowing Americans to drive down the coast,which they did in droves.  With the increasing expat population the real estate market began to expand as well,and when the airport opened for business in the early 1980s the tourist boom took off in earnest.

Today,both celebrities and regular people are hunting for real estate in Cabo San Lucas.  High-end hotels,resorts and condo developments are popping up along the beachfront.  Retirement homes and villas can also be found in abundance.  Adding to the draw for tourists are many other attractions,such as the underwater nature preserve,where one can see the famous Arch,just minutes from the harbor.  This remarkable,natural rock formation has been like a siren calling people to the area for hundreds of years.

Any visit to Cabo San Lucas will be rewarded with beautiful sunshine,gorgeous beaches,water sports of all kinds,legendary night life and who knows,you may even have a chance to spot Jennifer Aniston in a string bikini.  Or Courtney Cox.  Or Chelsea Handler.  Or Sheryl Crow. Or a host of many other Hollywood stars who make a Cabo San Lucas home their vacation home away from home.

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