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A Journey Into Paradise

Cabo Real Estate: Enormous Blue Marlin Caught Near Cabo San Lucas

13 September, 2012

Last Sunday,one of the largest
billfish ever caught was landed off the coast near Cabo San Lucas,Mexico. Weighing
in at an unbelievable 972 -1,213 pounds,the blue marlin was a fabulous catch
that took more than 28 hours to reel in.  The weight is given as a range as the scale
only registered 972 lbs but the hook was not tall enough to bring the entire
fish off the ground for a proper weighing. 
The 1213 lbs was determined using a time-tested method using length and

The lucky angler who caught the
billfish is Richard Biehl of Traverse City,Michigan,and according to reports
it took the help of the entire crew to land the catch. The ship,which was
named Go Deep,was traveling along the Pacific coastline just north of
the Cabo San Lucas resort district in Baja California. The men had been out on
the boat since early Saturday morning,so by the time of the catch at noon on
Sunday they were feeling a bit worn out when the giant blue marlin jerked
everyone into action.

“That was the hardest think I ever did
in my life by far,” Biehl told Pisces Sportfishing general manager Tracy Ehrenberg.
“I’ve shot bull moose and trekked out with 200 pounds on my back and it doesn't
even compare.”

The men were actually going after much
smaller striped marlin when the huge fish hit one of their trolled lures and
took off into the distance. The passengers and crew all worried that the
60-pound test line wouldn't hold; fears that were heightened when the marlin
jumped for the first time. At a distance of around 400 feet from the boat the
men guessed that the fish was at least 700 pounds – a number that was soon
proven to be a far cry from reality.

The marlin was measured at 137 inches
(11.4 feet) long,without including its bill or tail,and it was a full 75
inches (6.25 feet) in girth. The ship's captain,Luis Abaroa,said the
electronic scale used to weigh the fish was not high enough to allow all of it
to clear the ground,which accounts for the low-end weight of 975 pounds.

Biehl reportedly fought the enormous
blue marlin himself until the sun went down,then allowed a deckhand to help.
Since the men had used up all of the food and water on the boat,Abaroa's
brother was radioed and asked to bring supplies to get them through the night.
As the billfish grew weary and was finally reeled in,Biehl chose to claim his
prize. “It's a once-in-a-lifetime fish. I want to take him,” he reportedly