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A Journey Into Paradise

Sacred Canoe Journey To Cozumel

12 September, 2012

An astounding 30 handmade 26-foot canoes will cross the sea to Cozumel in the
historic Travesía Sagrada Maya,or Mayan Sacred Journey,an event being
held from May 21 to 23.

This celebrated three-day reenactment brings to
life the ancient,mystical journey taken by the Maya in their quest to pay
tribute to the Goddess Ix Chel,whose sanctuary rests on the island.

This year's journey starts in Polé,or Xcaret,on the mainland from
where canoes,carefully crafted to match traditional vessels,launch for the
seven-hour,17-mile paddling journey across the channel to Cozumel.

site of 30 handmade massive canoes approaching the island on the horizon is hard
to forget.

Once on shore in Cozumel,participants of the ceremony make
offerings and perform ceremonies for Ix Chel around the lagoon at the Chankanaab

Continuing the ceremony into the morning,participants lay down
their final offerings to the Goddess of Fertility to ensure they bring her favor
with them as they embark on the seven-hour return.

The Mayan Sacred
Journey began three years ago and aims to reawaken interest from locals and
educate visitors about this ancient culture.

When visiting Cozumel,you
are not just vacationing in Mexico; you are laying foot on a land that is home
one of the world’s oldest civilizations.

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