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A Journey Into Paradise

Retiring in Mexico 

12 September, 2012

The Boomers are coming! In the 18 years between 1946 and 1964,over 75 million babies were born. That means the first wave of baby boomers are 64 years old and ready to retire. Some experts forecast a huge migration south to balmier and less expensive climates. And the vast majority of them will be heading to Mexico!

Why is this you ask?

Well let's face it,it's difficult for them to afford to stay in the United States. It's sad,but it's true. The current breakdown of the U.S. economy has ravaged savings and forced boomers to figure out their priorities. And propelled them to think outside the box about how what remains in their IRAs can be stretched to the fullest.

Here's why Mexico:

• Mexico real estate is priced like a dream.

• Mexico property taxes are about the cost of 3 nights out on the town.

• An automobile is not a necessity in most of the communities.

• Labor costs are incredibly low. Your computer not working? How does $17 an hour sound to have it worked on? Want help cleaning and cooking? How about a kind,competent,full-time helper for $80 a week?

• The produce is inexpensive and fresh.

• Health care the way it was meant to be. A doctor's visit will run about $20 and he will even make house calls! Mexico health care has all the modern technology Americans are accustomed to,but with old world caring and pricing.

• Psychological well-being. Mexicans are generally happy people and live to enjoy life and their family and friends. Research has shown Mexico to be in the top 3 nations for happiness. Believe me this will definitely affect your mood. It's difficult to be blue when those with so much less beam a warm smile at you and authentic life is bustling all around you.

• Climate is a huge draw for Boomers to move to Mexico. And the weather in Mexico is delectable! The sun is out just about every day. And there are flowers everywhere.

• The arrival of first world amenities is another big draw for retiring in Mexico. Living in Mexico is now much more enticing with satellite TV,WiFi,vonage phones and cappuccino. There isn't much you can name that can't now be found in Mexico.

So while Mexicans cross the border in search of a better life,Americans are doing the same - in the opposite direction!

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