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Path Clear For Mexico Health Care

12 September, 2012

With the health care reforms finally passed in the U.S.,the path is clear for allowing Americans to use their Medicare and Medicaid insurance to accessMexico health care.

Lobby groups have been calling for the changes to allow easier access to high quality,low-cost health care in Mexico.

Last year,Bruno Ferrari,chief executive officer of Promexico,Mexico's foreign investment agency,said "authorities are interested" in the idea. 

He said ten U.S. and Canadian companies have shown an interest in building Mexico health care facilities for Americans looking for low cost treatment.

If the changes were to go through,it would make Mexico real estate even more appealing for Americans looking for retirement or vacation properties in the sun.

According to Promexico,some forms of health care in the U.S. can cost 12 times as much as in Mexico.

Spending by the Medicare and Medicaid insurance programs last year totalled around $900 billion,about a third of all health care spending in the U.S.

Medical tourists find extremely high standards of Mexico health care and many of the best Mexican doctors and medical staff are trained in U.S. hospitals and universities.

Health insurance firms already offer policies to non-Mexicans buying homes in Mexico and the Mexican government's IMSS health care program is also available with excellent basic cover at a very low price.

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