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Mexico Real Estate: Riviera Maya Has Best Places for ‘End of the World’ Festivities

12 September, 2012

By now everyone has heard of the “End of the World” prophecies,stemming from the coming end of the 5,125-year long count Mayan calendar on December 21 of 2012. So where are the best places to watch it happen? In Mexico,of course!

In 2011 Mexican President Felipe Calderon unveiled the “Mundo Maya” campaign,which is designed to coincide with the end date of the Mayan calendar. In honor of the event,southeastern Mexico’s Riviera Maya will host a wide variety of events to promote international interest in its six UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In fact,Mexico is home to 27 of these sites nationwide,the most of any country in the world. 

All of this activity makes 2012 an amazing time to travel to the heart of Mexico’s Mayan World,especially since there is no evidence that the calendar’s end was intended to foretell any type of tragic or apocalyptic event. Popular dates to come experience all that Mexico real estate has to offer in 2012 include the summer solstice on June 20,the autumn equinox on September 21 and the winter solstice on December 21. 

If you would like to mix a bit of luxury in with your end of the world celebrations,consider flying into Cancun and heading south to Playa del Carmen or Tulum,which lie in the heart of the Riviera Maya. Tulum is even home to the only ancient Mayan pyramid overlooking the sea,and there are plenty of high-end resorts to choose from throughout the region,in addition to a number of ancient Maya-related archaeological sites to explore. 

These include the world famous ruins of Chichen Itza,which are counted among the seven wonders of the new world,are also located just a short drive inland from Cancun on the way to Merida. In addition,the stunning Mayan ruins of Coba are easily accessible from both Cancun and Tulum and is home to more than 6,500 buildings,only a handful of which have been excavated.

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