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Mexico Drops Everything For World Cup

12 September, 2012

After waiting almost 4 years,Mexicans can once again celebrate as the new edition of the World Cup kicks off at 9AM CST Friday with the first match: Mexico vs. South Africa (the host country). At least 10,000 Mexican nationals along with President Calderon are expected to attend in Johannesburg.

For those who may not know,Mexico goes "Ga-Ga" for Soccer. It may seem strange to outsiders for a country to love a sport so much that they are not really that good at but if passion for the soccer means anything,Mexico is one of the best.

Mexico is basically preparing to shut down this week. To avoid absenteeism government offices and businesses are being advised to allow their employees to watch the games at work and schools are being asked to place TV sets in the classrooms. Vendors will be selling green jerseys in the streets,fast food chains are giving away hamburgers if Mexico wins and most restaurants and bars will open at 8:00 AM Friday,offering two for one tequila shots along side breakfast.

Indeed,Mexico may have something to be excited about this time. They have the strongest national team ever,they beat the U.S. team twice 10 months ago,and although pre-World Cup matches don’t really count,everyone was impressed when Mexico put down the current title holder,Italy,just last week.

Mexicans are totally obsessed with “el quinto partido” (reaching the quarterfinals) which they have only done twice in their history but that certainly doesn’t quench their spirit - No,not in the least. In fact,on Friday morning,if you lean towards your TV set and listen carefully you might just hear the faithful sound of 10,000 unified Mexicans chanting,"Sí se puede,Sí se puede,Sí se puede..." ("Yes we can,Yes we can...").

They say soccer is the mirror of a nation. If so, Mexico seems to be doing just fine.

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