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A Journey Into Paradise

“Mama Maya”: Is this Italy or Mexico?

12 September, 2012

Ahhh Italy! Feel the fine Italian leather brushing against your skin,smell the aroma of delectable,homemade pasta and pizza wafting through the air,taste the exquisite Pinot Grigio tickling your tongue,hear the bustle of busy streets filled with Italian conversation,explore quaint shops cluttered with handmade Italian wares,clothing and jewelry,enjoy the distant sound of Italian music carried on the breeze...indeed this is Italy! No,wait a minute...this is Mexico!

Yes,you heard right! Most have no idea that Mexico’s Riviera Maya is home to more Italians than any other nationality in the world. They are a burgeoning 10,000 strong with more on their way. They infuse Mexico with fine Italian-handcrafted goods and fashions,fabulous cuisine,lively language,European Culture and their unsurpassed sense of style. 

In fact,the Mexican seaside village of Playa del Carmen boasts its own “Little Italy” where thousands of Italians wander the streets,fill the restaurants,play cards on sidewalks,and for a few blocks on 5th avenue,turn a small Mexican town into a rustic,Italian village.

Americans have a love affair with Italy and over 4 million board the 9 hour flight to cross “The Big Pond” to see this rich land of culture,fashion and history. In fact,90% of Americans who move to Italy actually stay there. The Riviera Maya is a unique opportunity for North Americans to visit a small piece of Italy set on the warm,clear Caribbean shores of Mexico and only a short 3 hour flight away from much of the United States.

If you go there,Italians are not the only culture you’ll find. 

Playa Del Carmen,the center of the Riviera Maya,has one of the most diverse cultures of any beach area in the world. For example,there are 190 flights a day and people from 47 countries live here…Americans,Italians,Canadians,Argentineans,Spanish,British,Swiss,Germans,French,etc.  Simply no other area in Mexico or perhaps the world has such diversity,language,fashion,food and culture!  The Riviera Maya is an ideal balance of Mexican,American,European and ancient Mayan Culture,with all the conveniences and products North Americans are used to from back home. 

So,would you like to visit Italy or Europe but just don’t have the time or money at the moment to make the jump across the big Atlantic? Or perhaps it’s winter in Europe right now and you ‘re craving someplace warm and sunny that’s a little closer to home? 

Then consider looking for your next Italian adventure in,of all places,Mexico. Perhaps you too,will soon be saying,“Mama Maya”!

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