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A Journey Into Paradise

Living In Mexico: Car Hire and Driving

12 September, 2012

Driving is a really great way to see the country,wherever your trip may take
you when visiting or living in

From the miles of white sandy beaches,the ancient Aztec
and Maya ruins,snow-capped volcanoes or lively vibrant cosmopolitan cities.
From fiestas to siestas,you can plan your trip uniquely with a hire car and be
right there driving and experiencing this vibrant country.

As part of
planning your trip you should prepare for a different style of driving. Here are
some tips to help you have a safe and pleasurable journey:

A left turn
signal can be an invitation to pass,trucks and buses use them regularly. When
in doubt though do not pass. For the same reason,do not use your left turn
signal in a two way road when you are about to pass.

There are many Pemex
gas stations,but they do not open all night so never pass up a chance to
refuel. Washrooms are of a reasonable standard,be prepared to tip a peso or two
to attendants.

Beware of topes -
Mexican for speed bumps. These are normally situated when you are approaching a
town or a village and are very effective at traffic management. When you see a
topes sign slow right down,sometimes
there are no signs but they are normally painted yellow to help you along. They
are very unforgiving on vehicles and are there for a reason,so slow

You must have to have Mexican car insurance; overseas policies are
not recognized in Mexico.

Always carry your driving license,passport or
some proof of identification as well as the insurance policy for the vehicle and
vehicle registration. If you are stopped by the police stay calm and polite,and
present the requested documentation. The Mexican Government has seriously
clamped down on bribes to police officers,so do not try to pay your way

Mexico boasts all the leading car hire companies; Hertz,Budget,
Thrifty,Avis and many private rental companies.

Nearly all these can be
booked online in advance,so your hire car is one less thing to worry about when
you land or if you are living in Mexico.

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about retiring or living in Mexico.