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Living In Mexico: Bringing Pets

12 September, 2012

Many people who spend long periods of time living in Mexico like to bring their pets,some
people like their pets to accompany them on vacation. If you are thinking of
taking your dog or cat into Mexico there are a few steps you should take in

Your pet’s immunization shots should be in date,and you will
need the following documentation; proof of vaccines against rabies and distemper
administered at least 15 days before the pet's arrival,and a certificate of
good health from your vet issued up to 10 days before entry to Mexico.

In some cases you may not be asked to produce these documents,however
it would be advisable to have them to hand. There is no quarantine period in
Mexico,but after living in Mexico your pet will need to have a rabies
vaccination to get back into the US (if over three months old). You are allowed
to enter Mexico with up to two cats or two dogs. If you wish to bring more
animals into Mexico it is advisable to contact your nearest consulate office or
the Mexican embassy.

If you are bringing your pet by air,check with your
airline operator about restrictions on weight and size of the pets they allow on

Other common pets can be taken living in Mexico with you if you
have a certificate of good health,animals such as rabbits,gerbils,hamsters,
guinea pigs and ferrets are accepted. The importation of reptiles and
invertebrates is restricted as well as snails,fish and wildlife products. There
may be case by case exceptions; if you need questions answering you can contact
the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

you wish to bring your bird to be living in Mexico with you,then you can import
it as a pet as long as you comply with APHIS (Animal and Public Health
Information System) and U.S. Fish and Wildlife requirements. This may include
quarantining your bird or birds,at your expense,at one of the three APHIS
Animal Import Centers. You must make advance reservations at the quarantine

If you know before you go and plan ahead you will not face any
unexpected costs or delays for your journey and you and your pets will have a
stress free trip. They’ll be happy when they arrive,whether on vacaction with
you or living in Mexico.

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