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A Journey Into Paradise

Live Longer in Mexico?

12 September, 2012

In 1985,life expectancy for Mexicans was only 68 years. By 1990,it had jumped to 69,by 1995 it had leaped to 70 and by 2010 it sprinted to 77.8 years,a whopping 8 years,just 4 years shy of the Japanese,the oldest living people on the planet. The simple fact is that in 2010,people in Mexico now live an average of 14.8 years longer. This longevity acceleration is unmatched among the world’s modern countries. 

Why the Jump in Longevity?

One reason is the faithful efforts of the Mexican government to provide quality,affordable healthcare to everyone,including foreigners. For example,the average Mexican citizen has a veritable healthcare jackpot available to them that includes full medical,dental and vision coverage for about $600 a year. This government run healthcare plan (IMSS) is for Mexican employees but is also open to legal foreigners. 

The Healthcare Jackpot

Imagine a healthcare-fantasy world where there are no deductibles,no co-pays,no limits,no prescriptions to pay for and even pre-existing conditions are covered after 1-2 years...this is Mexican healthcare. Some may think that since healthcare is so cheap in Mexico,compared to the U.S.,the quality,knowledge and attention to medical detail must be lacking. 

The fact is,most Mexican doctors have had at least some if not all of their training in the United States. Mexican hospitals are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and first-world-standard practices. Recent reporting from international medical watchdog groups rank Mexican healthcare as good or excellent in many places.

The "Tranquila" Lifestyle

Another reason behind this longevity explosion south of the boarder may have something to do with the tranquil Mexican lifestyle. Picture yourself being awoken each morning by the calming sounds of tropical birds and sweet,clean caressing breezes. For breakfast,a plate overflowing with fresh Mangoes,Papaya,Watermelon,Cantaloupe and a invigorating glass of Pineapple-Chaya-Coconut Juice. You stroll,stress-free into the office around 9:30 AM,dressed in your daily business duds,shorts,a t-shirt and your favorite pair of Flip Flops. 

You head over to the beach and put your toes in the sand. It’s time again for your daily 2-hour,vacation-style lunch break. There is no traffic to fight and time to spare as you make your way home that evening. You mix your latest,exotic concoction and quietly settle on the patio to absorb another mesmerizing Mexican sunset,bringing a close to one more day in paradise. This is not too far fetched from the daily reality of many living and working in Mexico.

Live (Longer) in Mexico!

Certainly not everyone in Mexico lives this way,but indeed,many do. There are countless places in Mexico,such as the Riviera Maya,where processed foods,pollution,and modern pressures barely exist. Today,over one million Americans have already discovered this aging antidote and many more are making their way across the boarder,away from the hectic,hurly-burly lifestyle in which way too many of us live and ultimately die,perhaps too young.

So if your looking for less expensive,quality healthcare,would like to live to a ripe-old-age and could easily enjoy a more tranquil,peaceful lifestyle,then consider living (longer) in Mexico.

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