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Experts Back Mexico Health Care For Americans

12 September, 2012

Almost 200 experts attended a special conference to discuss Mexico health care for Americans,last month,and were overwhelming in support of the idea.

The group predicted growth in demand by U.S. residents for Mexican health care,at the event "The Future of Health Care in Mexico for Americans",organized by public policy think tank,the Institute of the Americas,in La Jolla,California.

The meeting came just days after the Miami Herald reported Mexico is planning health care proposalsdesigned to attract millions of U.S. retirees.

Speaking at the La Jolla gathering,Sekure Healthcare's CEO,Jim Arriola,spoke of the cost advantages of Mexico health care. He gave the example of a heart surgery procedure that costs $6,500 to $9,000 in Baja California,compared with $43,604 to $80,960 in San Diego.

Importantly,speakers at the event also acknowledged that the excellent technology and training in private Mexican hospitals means their standards are as high as most American hospitals.

Figures suggest that in less than 10 years,there will be a shortage of 40,000 doctors in the U.S. and by 2030 the shortfall could be as many as 158,000. 

With this in mind,and the demographic effect of an ever-aging U.S. population,the experts agreed that there will be an increasing trend of "medical tourism" to Mexico for U.S. citizens.

The attractiveness of Mexico health care is also a major factor for U.S. retirees that buy real estate south of the border and is one of the main reasons over 1 million Americans are already living in Mexico.

This number will also increase drastically if Mexico health care is made more accessible by further reforms to the U.S. health care system. The changes already approved mean Medicare,Medicaid and private medical insurance companies are in a great position to outsource treatment,and Mexico is ready to help.

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