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A Journey Into Paradise

"Adios" To The Oldest Woman Living In Mexico

12 September, 2012

Mexico said a sad adios to Ana Maria Perez Gonzalez this week.

Perez had reached the grand age of 119 when
she died,making her the oldest woman living in Mexico,and possibly the

She was buried in the community where she lived in La Cofradia de
Juarez by the Mexican Riviera. 266 friends and family
attended the ceremony to say their final farewells.

In July 2008,Perez
Gonzales was recognized by Mexican President,Felipe Calderon,as Mexico's
oldest woman and the Guinness Book of World Records was in the process of
verifying her as the world's oldest woman as well.

Born on June 22,
1890,in the neighbouring state of Michoacan,Perez bore four children. Two of
her offspring,Feliciano and Maria,have already passed away,but the other two,
Socorro and Felicitas,are still alive.

The family spans 30
grandchildren,122 great-grandchildren,105 great-great-grandchildren and 5

Mexico has a long history of
record-breaking senior citizens and many US retirees argue that living in Mexico is healthier than staying
at home.