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A Journey Into Paradise

2012 Yucatan Arts and Entertainment Festival Rocks Mexico Real Estate

10 September, 2012

The 2012 Yucatan Arts and Entertainment Festival was held August 30 on Progresso beach,which overlooks the Gulf of Mexico and is situated about 30 minutes north of Merida,which is the region’s largest city. It was organized by Canadian expat Michael Axford and Beamon Battie from the U.S.,who lives in Playa del Carmen.

The festival brought in eight local and international bands,a regional artist’s exhibition and a variety of fabulous cuisine to this area of Mexico real estate,creating a unique affair that is sure to increase in popularity next year as word spreads of its success. Attendees enjoyed the festival’s beautiful surroundings,world-class performances and spectacular artwork at this festival,which is buy one of many that are held throughout the Yucatan and the neighboring state of Quintana Roo each year. 

Several comedians hosted the event,which helped to keep the crowd energized. Even the weather was a hit,cooling down just enough as the day progressed to make guests comfortable outdoors while they enjoyed the musical performances. Like many such events held in the region every year,the Yucatan Arts and Entertainment Festival was characterized by a distinctive flair of tropical colors,Mexican folk art and local cuisine.

Merida on Mexico’s Gulf coast,and Cancun,Playa del Carmen and Tulum,which are situated on the other side of the Yucatan Peninsula on the Mexican Caribbean,are home to a growing community of expats who have chosen to make Mexico their permanent home. Here,residents can enjoy life in a safe,luxurious tropical paradise at a fraction of the cost,compared to coastal living throughout the U.S. and other parts of the world. 

Dubbed “A Smashing Success” by the Yucatan Times,the 2013 Yucatan Arts and Entertainment Festival is already in the planning stages and is expected to grow in size and popularity. Planning a visit to the region that coincides with local festivals such as this is an excellent way for travelers and would-be expats from around the world to get a real sense of the local culture and what life is like in the Riviera Maya and the Yucatan.