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A Journey Into Paradise

10 Reasons to Visit Tulum in 2017

09 February, 2017


Ready to discover what paradise is really like? Tulum offers the ultimate Caribbean getaway for travelers of every age and inclination. From exciting adventure tours to delicious ceviche, mesmerizing underground rivers and plenty of luxury condos, resorts and boutique hotels, Tulum is the place to be in 2017! Here are our top 10 reasons to visit Tulum this year…

Tulum is the Next Big Thing

Right now, jetsetters from around the world just can’t seem to get enough of Tulum. From top fashion designers and celebs to indie record labels and Instagram users, travelers have been giving major shout-outs to Tulum in recent years. Trendsetters like Camille Charriere and Pernille Teisbaek have dubbed Tulum as the world’s best tropical getaway, while The Young Turks brought a lineup of amazing artists here for a party and Forbes even named the Riviera Maya region as one of the world’s top celebrity destinations.

Tulum is Eco-Friendly

Sustainability is central to the Tulum lifestyle, so expect to see mile after mile of pristine white-sand beaches lined with palm trees swaying in the tropical breeze, framing the pristine turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. Although less than two hours south, the tranquility of Tulum offers stark contrast to Cancun, although the town is expanding as more developers discover Tulum offers the best return on investment in Mexico. Still, this Riviera Maya gem has retained a charming, bohemian feel and many local condos and hotels in Tulum are sustainable, providing a guilt-free getaway option for eco-conscious travelers.


Unbeatable Scenery

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a convertible sports car that you could actually drive nearly every day with the top down, Tulum is definitely your town. The coastal road in Tulum is breathtaking and gives travelers a way to discover what life is really like for those living in this Mexican paradise either part or full time. It’s common to see locals walking, riding bikes and driving along this scenic route on their way into downtown Tulum or heading to nearby Playa del Carmen, but the clear blue waters of the Caribbean Sea and emerald green forests always steal the show.

Delicious Cuisine

Restaurants in Tulum have been credited with having the world’s most scrumptious ceviche, but the outstanding culinary creations in this Rivera Maya hotspot don’t stop there. Of course, the seafood is unbelievably fresh and you can’t go wrong ordering the catch of the day at local favorites like Chamico’s, where no menus are necessary, or the wood-fired Hartwood Restaurant along Tulum’s jungle road.


Aktun Chen Parque Natural

Voted one of the world’s top 10 underground walks, the Aktun-Chen Eco Park is a must-visit for adventure lovers that is full of stunning caves, fossils, stalactites, stalagmites and more. Grab a hardhat and explore this gorgeous natural wonder, which also offers snorkeling and zipline tours.

Cobá Ruins

Located less than one hour’s drive from downtown Tulum, the ancient Mayan ruins of Cobá are definitely one of the top 10 archaeological sites of Mexico. Giving an unprecedented glimpse into the last remnants of this ancient civilization, the ruins of Cobá are also surrounded by lush emerald jungle and the air is often filled with the bright blue of native butterflies. Get an even better view of the local wildlife and natural lakes by climbing the 138-foot pyramid.


If you’ve worked up a serious sweat exploring the ancient Mayan ruins, gorgeous beachfront and abundant tropical landscapes that make up the best of Tulum real estate, cenotes provide an excellent way to cool off in Mexico’s Riviera Maya! Cenotes (pronounced say-note-tays) are crystal clear, mineral-rich subterranean pools that serve as gateways to the immense network of underground rivers found thorughout Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and provide excellent opportunities for swimming, snorkeling and diving. 


Spa Treatments

While spas are typically available no matter where you decide to vacation, nothing compares to the mud massages at spas in Tulum. Mayan clay body treatments are all the rage in Tulum thanks to their healing and detoxifying properties and we’d be willing to wager that the smooth, creamy mud is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Boutique Hotels

Travelers who enjoy boutique hotels and innovative developments with world-class services and amenities will thrill to the growing list of accommodations that are available in prime Tulum real estate. From beachfront ocean views to haute cuisine and over-the-top poolside service, the Tulum lifestyle is all about luxury, with fantastic cocktails, patios dotted with hammocks and alfresco dining.

Bars & Nightlife

Speaking of cocktails, while the lifestyle in Tulum may be quite a bit more laid back than it is in nearby Playa del Carmen or Cancun, there are still plenty of hip spots to enjoy a drink or dance the night away. Of course, Tulum beachfront real estate is also a prime spot for bars overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Regardless of what you prefer, happy hour in Tulum is the ideal way to end the day after discovering all that paradise has to offer!

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