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Why Playa del Carmen Condos for Sale Are a Top Real Estate Investment

08 February, 2018

Why Playa del Carmen Condos for Sale Are a Top Real Estate Investment

Chic, on-trend, vibrant, growing, international... All of these words help to describe why Playa del Carmen real estate is a booming market, attracting investors from around the world. Let us show you why Playa del Carmen condos for sale are one of today’s best real estate investment opportunities and why right now is the best time to buy.

“Over the past 20 years, the population has exploded”, wrote International Living. “The rental market is red hot – in all forms: short-term, long-term; by the night, week or year; you name it, you can make money from it here". 

Vacation Home or Investment Property? 

The short answer? Both! It’s important to understand that when we say “right now is the time to buy” in Playa, we aren’t just trying to create a sense of urgency. We really mean it! Playa del Carmen condos for sale are never going to present a better value than they do right now. It’s still possible to find luxury condos in Playa with a low entry price point, but values are rising quickly, so the window of opportunity is narrowing just as fast. 

“Tourists and their spending power are the big driver of the market”, wrote International Living. “But, Playa has a vibrant economy in itself”. 

Today, downtown of Playa del Carmen is also attracting more mobile entrepreneurs and business people than ever before. Simply put, there’s a lot of money here, and a large number of deep-pocketed renters. All of this adds up to create a unique opportunity for real estate investment, because it’s possible to own a luxury condo and vacation home that also serves as a serious investment property. 

Vacation Home or Investment Property?

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Innovative Investment Properties in Playa del Carmen 

Much of the action in Playa is found around Fifth Avenue, which is billed as the longest pedestrianized street in the Americas and serves as the city’s main shopping, dining and entertainment strip. As the area has grown, so have the variety of real estate investment options.

This includes the rise of new luxury condo developments that double as turnkey investment properties with absolutely no maintenance or management issues for owners to worry about. Essentially, they are vacation homes that pay for themselves and also provide excellent portfolio diversification for investors, as well as a hedge against inflation and incredible return on investment, thanks to the market’s strong appreciation.

Innovative Investment Properties in Playa del Carmen

“Values will rise strongly and quickly", wrote International Living. “Owners will have a strong rental income on completion”. 

The bottom line? Although the window of opportunity for real estate investing in Playa is definitely narrowing, there’s still time to get a piece of the pie... If you act now. 

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