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Why KASA Investment Fund Offers a Better Way to Invest in Real Estate

30 July, 2019

Why KASA Investment Fund Offers a Better Way to Invest in Real Estate

Investing in real estate is a secure, proven way to make money and save for retirement, but there are so many options that it can feel overwhelming… Not to mention the fact that many brick-and-mortar investment properties are time consuming and challenging to manage as well as maintain. That’s why the KASA Investment Fund was designed to bypass all of this and offer higher ongoing returns than the stock market, allowing shareholders to save more money for retirement and enjoy the process of making money for a change. Owners also get to enjoy a number of exciting lifestyle perks, making this one of the most exciting ways to invest in real estate that is available anywhere in the world right now.

Why This Real Estate Investment Fund?


Why This Real Estate Investment Fund?

Offered by the KASA Hotel Collection, the KASA Investment Fund gives shareholders exposure to a diversified portfolio of luxury beachfront hotels that are being developed throughout the Caribbean and the Americas. This innovative real estate investment fund uses cash to purchase the land and complete construction, incurring zero debt in the process. It is designed to generate annual returns of 15 percent or higher once the investment properties are open for business, and shareholder principle is 100 percent secured against both the real estate itself and all other assets of the Company.

KASA Investment Fund: We Estimate ROI to be 12% - 15%, Below the Actual ROI of 15% - 20%

We estimate ROI to be 12% - 15%, below the actual ROI of 15% - 20%


What’s more, shareholders and their families will get to enjoy a wide range of impressive travel benefits, discounts and ownership perks at the luxury beachfront hotels that are owned by the Fund. In essence, the KASA Investment Fund combines a remarkable lifestyle investment with secure ongoing income and a rapidly appreciating asset that is 100 percent recession-proof. In fact, the Fund’s diversified portfolio of luxury branded beachfront hotels and resorts comprise one of the safest investments available anywhere in the world right now, offering all the benefits of owning prime, income producing real estate with none of the challenges or headaches.

On top of earning secure, ongoing investment income, shareholders have the advantage of vacationing with family and friends at cost in the hotels, while enjoying a variety of fantastic discounts in the property’s restaurants and bars. Although this isn’t the main reason to invest in the KASA Fund, it sure is an incredible “extra,” especially compared to dealing with ongoing stock market volatility and the lackluster return on investment that it provides over time.

How You Make Money Investing in the Fund

Shareholders will receive a portion of the profits from each of the luxury beachfront hotels developed by the KASA Investment Fund. Revenue is generated via room rentals, food and beverage service and spas, which are all part of our large diversified portfolio of investment properties. When your capital is invested, it will be allocated to a specific hotel that is already under development, and you will receive a 5 percent internal rate of return until that hotel opens for business, upon which time you will begin to receive a share of the profits from every hotel that is owned by the Fund.

KASA Investment Fund: Revenue From a 30 Room Hotel With ADR $275 and Increasing OCC From 60% - 75%

Revenue from a 30 room hotel with ADR $275 and increasing OCC from 60% - 75%


As with any real estate investment, when you buy shares of the KASA Investment Fund, your capital is secured against a tangible asset, and since all of the investment properties are purchased and built using cash, there is very little (if any) risk. Also, each of the investment properties will dramatically increase in value once construction is complete. Since these are luxury beachfront hotels, the property will immediately be worth two to five times more than the value of the real estate itself. The biggest risk - again, as with all types of real estate investments - is that the KASA Fund is not a liquid asset.

How You Make Money Investing in the Fund

Furthermore, it’s important to note that you can buy shares of the KASA Investment Fund using your IRA or other retirement account, simply by rolling the money into a Self-Directed IRA. This is a smart alternative investment strategy that allows you to own shares of income producing real estate and save more money for retirement, using a tax-deferred format. Buying into a real estate investment fund with your IRA account also provides essential diversification for your entire financial portfolio, while offering a protective hedge against the long-term evils of inflation.

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