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Tulum Real Estate Investment Offers Great ROI and Stress-Free Ownership

03 March, 2018

Tulum Real Estate Investment Offers Great ROI and Stress-Free Ownership

If you’re fed up with ongoing stock market volatility and ready to explore alternative investments, it’s time to take a look at what Tulum real estate investment has to offer. The real estate market in the region is booming, thanks in part to luxurious new residence-style boutique Tulum condo-hotels that provide 8-14 percent return on investment (ROI) and offer innovative “No Worries, No Hassles Ownership”, designed to maximize vacation rental returns and create a completely stress-free experience for owners. 

Benefits of Investing in Tulum Condo-Hotels 

Tourism in Mexico’s Riviera Maya has been rising rapidly everywhere, but demand is especially high in Tulum. Visitors come from around the world to lounge on the best beaches in the world and experience the Tulum lifestyle; an unforgettable blend of ancient Mayan magic and a hip, eco-chic aesthetic that can’t be found anywhere else. 

Here are just a few great reasons to invest in the area and diversify your financial portfolio to include income producing Tulum real estate that offers stable investment income, a hedge against inflation and protection from stock market volatility:

  • Largely untapped real estate market
  • Unbeatable investment property rental income
  • Did we mention the beaches??
  • Modern infrastructure
  • Home to major global brands and retailers
  • Demand is much greater than supply
  • Rich cultural history
  • World-class adventure tours 

Tulum Real Estate Investment Offers Great ROI and Stress-Free Ownership

As one of the best beach towns for excellent vacation home rental income, Tulum real estate is definitely a hot commodity right now, but it also still offers excellent value for investors. In other words, demand is still vastly outpacing supply and Tulum has so much growing left to do, which means “right now” is always the best time to invest, because Riviera Maya real estate will never depreciate, so the value will never be greater than it is right now.

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Turnkey Real Estate Offers Stability as Stock Market Correction Looms

As a result, buying real estate in Tulum is one of the best ways to invest money right now that you will find anywhere in the world, and luxury condos in the area are beating the stock market right now. With the Dow experiencing the largest one-day drop in history recently and nosediving nearly 11%, there has never been a better time to consider alternative investments that will preserve your retirement income and offer stable return on investment. 

What is No Worries, No Hassles Ownership?

What is No Worries, No Hassles Ownership?

More than just your everyday property management service, true “No Worries, No Hassles Ownership” delivers exactly that – a totally turnkey, hands-free experience for vacation home owners at an affordable price point in a development that is designed from the ground up to make money and deliver high return on investment. How? In part, by offering exceptional, high-end luxury condo units with the very best finishes in an ideal location. The best investment properties also provide resort-style services and amenities in a boutique atmosphere that is all about offering a complete experience that simply cannot be replicated.

In addition, “No Worries, No Hassles Ownership” means that all housekeeping and maintenance issues, utility payments, marketing, booking and rental concerns are taken care of by experienced property management and hospitality professionals who are adept at catering to guests and making everyone feel completely at home. Rental income is deposited directly into the owners’ bank accounts at regular, scheduled intervals, which also means the luxury condos in these turnkey Tulum condo-hotels are eligible to buy with IRA accounts and can even provide tax-deferred ongoing retirement income.

Do you have questions about buying real estate in Tulum? Post them in the comments! 

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