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26 April, 2018

75% of Wealthiest Investors Predict Stock Market Headed for Recession

Despite the U.S. economy’s overall strength in recent years, the presence of ongoing stock market volatility has been quite apparent in 2018 and is poised to get even worse as top investment analysts predict a 30% correction and the world’s richest investors brace for a U.S. recession by 2020. Read on to see what the recent J.P. Morgan Private Bank’s Spring Investment Barometer survey discovered and what you can do to protect your investment portfolio and retirement income from market uncertainty.

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19 April, 2018

Investment Guru Says Stock Market Volatility Will Cause 30% Correction

In recent months stock market volatility has proven once again that stocks, bonds and mutual funds are not the safest investments out there, especially if you’re trying to save for retirement or – heaven forbid – are already depending on the returns for retirement income. Now, respected investment guru and fund manager Mark Mobius has joined the ranks of those warning that a major correction is coming.

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02 November, 2015

Proving once again that Mexico is a strong investment, Grupo Financiero Santander Mexico (BSMX) reported profits of $259 million in the fourth quarter, posting earnings of around .19 cents per share and revenues of $954.4 million in the period. For the year, Yahoo! Finance reports Santander posted profits of $949.2 million, which equates to about .70 cents per share, with annual revenues at around $3.75 billion.

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07 July, 2014

Everyone knows Mexico is amazing – even if you’ve never been there, chances are you’ve drooled over photos of the countless white sand beaches, ancient Mayan ruins and stunning natural beauty – but what about investing? The reality is that Mexico today provides investors worldwide with an unprecedented opportunity for growth and diversification, thanks to large part to sweeping reforms, an ideal geographical location and an increasingly educated workforce.

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13 September, 2012

In a recent interview with Travel Agent Central, Dario Flota Ocampo, who is the Riviera Maya tourism director, said the new airport that is planned for Tulum will put a spotlight on the Riviera Maya, causing a tourism boom. The airport is scheduled to be in operations by 2014 or 2015 at the latest, meaning that there is a limited time left for buyers who are interested in owning a piece of Tulum real estate in this corner of paradise.

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