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09 July, 2020

Beyond Making Money: Other Benefits of Real Estate Investing

By now, most investors probably understand the main reasons real estate is such a great investment option; it offers the unique opportunity to earn secure ongoing income, it can beat stock market returns and it can even protect your portfolio from inflation, to name only a few of the many perks that come with investing in real estate…

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02 July, 2020

How to Use Your 401k to Generate Income for Retirement

Whether you plan on retiring soon or are still more than a decade away from entering your golden years, it’s important to ensure that your 401k account will consistently earn ongoing income, which can be reinvested or spent as needed on expenses after you retire. Regardless of when you plan to retire or how you are currently invested, there are some things you can do now that will turn your nest egg into a secure income stream you can count on for the rest of your life!

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24 September, 2019

Will Stocks or Real Estate Make Better Returns Over the Next 10 Years?

Knowing what type of investments will perform best over the next decade can make all the difference between enjoying an amazing retirement or struggling to pay your bills after you stop working. Regardless of when you expect to reach retirement age, it's imperative to ensure that your financial portfolio is properly diversified so you can weather the storms of stock market volatility that always come to pass sooner or later. Understanding how real estate and stocks will perform over time is also an essential part of growing your portfolio, and it can even help you provide a layer of security to protect your nest egg from market fluctuation. 

"Stocks have long been the most glamorous of the major asset classes, but stocks are no longer Americans’ favorite long-term investment", wrote Bankrate, after a recent survey asked some of the world's most experienced investors what type of investments they think will perform best over the next 10 years. "What is? It’s real estate!"

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30 July, 2019

Why KASA Investment Fund Offers a Better Way to Invest in Real Estate

Investing in real estate is a secure, proven way to make money and save for retirement, but there are so many options that it can feel overwhelming… Not to mention the fact that many brick-and-mortar investment properties are time consuming and challenging to manage as well as maintain. That’s why the KASA Investment Fund was designed to bypass all of this and offer higher ongoing returns than the stock market, allowing shareholders to save more money for retirement and enjoy the process of making money for a change. Owners also get to enjoy a number of exciting lifestyle perks, making this one of the most exciting ways to invest in real estate that is available anywhere in the world right now.

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10 July, 2018

Get Secure Retirement Income and Stop Relying on Social Security

Today’s typical U.S. household has less money in savings than ever before and the majority of retirees are relying on social security as a primary source of retirement income, despite the fact that the program is rapidly running out of money. As a result, more investors are turning to alternative investments like real estate to attain financial security for their golden years. 

Read on to see what to expect from Social Security in the future and how buying with an IRA account can provide financial security, as well as ongoing, secure, reliable retirement income for years to come! 

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28 June, 2018

5 Reasons to Buy Real Estate in Mexico With Your IRA Account

Buying real estate with an IRA account is one of the most effective and least known alternative investment strategies, offering the chance to diversify your retirement portfolio while accumulating tax-deferred income and securing a much-needed hedge against the evils of inflation. What’s more, investment properties that are located in a top vacation destination like Mexico’s Riviera Maya can provide reliable, proven annual returns of 8-14 percent, which beats what stocks can do over time while protecting your hard-earned assets from ongoing stock market volatility. Read on to see our top five reasons to buy real estate in Mexico with your IRA account right now!

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04 November, 2017

Why a Self Directed IRA Account is Better Than a 401(k)

Your investment advisor probably won’t tell you this (because it doesn’t pay a commission), but buying real estate with an IRA account – specifically a Self-Directed IRA – can easily beat the return on investment of a typical 401(k) or traditional retirement account. If you’re like most investors, you probably contribute money religiously to your current 401(k) or IRA, but have a hard time really quantifying the return on investment over time, due to complicated fees, commissions, etc. 

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30 March, 2017

A Revealing International Cost of Living Comparison

If you’ve been rethinking retirement, dreaming of an early retirement or simply dream of one day living overseas, this international cost of living comparison makes it easy to spot the best retirement havens and the world’s best countries for expats of all ages. According to the report, Egypt now has the lowest cost of living, while Bermuda is the most expensive.

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18 August, 2016

Considering the fact that the world’s traditional investment markets have consistently demonstrated their volatility in recent decades, many investors are considering new ways to avoid the highs and lows of the stock market and are exploring Self-Directed IRA real estate rules as a way to diversify and adopt new wealth building strategies.

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