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27 October, 2018

Why Vacation Homes Are the Ideal Investment for Your IRA

Most financial advisors still won’t tell investors how to buy real estate with an IRA account, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t a highly effective alternative investment strategy…. IF you know where and perhaps more importantly what kind of investment properties to buy. Read on to learn why vacation home rentals are the ideal real estate investment for your IRA account and how to spot the best income producing properties on the market right now. 

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25 October, 2018

Live the Caribbean Dream in a Playa del Carmen Condo at MARE

Rediscover a sense of destiny and live the Caribbean dream when you invest in a luxury condo at MARE in Playa del Carmen! Situated just moments from the clear turquoise waters and white sand beaches of the Mexican Caribbean Sea, this chic new luxury condo development has an impressive list of amenities with high-end finishes throughout and units are approved for purchase with your IRA account. 

Read on to see what makes the luxury condos at MARE one of the best new real estate investment opportunities in downtown Playa del Carmen right now! 

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16 October, 2018

Earn 8-13% ROI with a Luxury Condo at Yaaxlum in Tulum

Offering 8-13 percent annual return on investment, the luxury condos for sale at the new Yaaxlum residential and resort development in Tulum bring together all the elements that make this part of Mexico’s Riviera Maya one of the world’s hottest vacation destinations. The name itself was derived from a Mayan word that means “green land,” in a nod to the project’s sustainability and its pursuit of the quintessential eco-chic Tulum lifestyle.  

Here, you can immerse yourself in the lush Mayan jungle and clear blue waters of the Mexican Caribbean Sea, where beauty and wellness prevail and the ancients walk hand in hand with the future. Read on to see what makes this one of the best real estate investments in Tulum! 

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13 October, 2018

What This Week’s Stock Market Sell-Off Means for Investors

Although Friday afternoon saw the Dow clinging to its meager morning rally, it’s hard to overlook this week’s two-day selloff, which bolstered the validity of recent warnings from top analysts predicting looming stock market volatility. The blue-chip index lost nearly 1,400 points, while the S&P 500 was down nearly 7 percent and the tech-heavy Nasdaq also officially dipped into correction territory after experiencing a real battering mid-week, falling more than 10 percent from its most recent 52-week trading high.

Read on to learn more about ongoing stock market volatility and see how smart real estate investment can protect your hard earned assets and provide secure, proven, reliable investment income.

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09 October, 2018

Stocks, bonds and mutual funds might have been the way most people traditionally invested money for retirement, but ongoing stock market volatility has caused more people to invest in real estate using a Self-Directed IRA account. Read on to learn how easy it is to use funds from your retirement account to buy income producing investment property and discover why this smart alternative investment strategy is steadily gaining popularity among investors of all ages, backgrounds and income levels.

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06 October, 2018

Live a Legendary Caribbean Lifestyle at Kikaab Tulum Condos

Enjoy the ultra-chic, environmentally aware, yet always laid-back lifestyle that’s infused with just a hint of bohemian luxury that attracts celebs and jetsetters from around the world when you invest in the luxury condos for sale in Tulum right now at Kikaab. Located close to downtown Tulum (centro), and just a few minutes from the best beaches in the world, this exclusive new boho-chic development includes both commercial and residential areas and is designed to exist in harmony with nature, using only local and fair-trade materials. 

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04 October, 2018

Meet the New Generation of Income Producing Property Owners

“Second Homes” are the focus of the latest Savills 2018 spotlight on global trends in ownership and renting, as the rise of digital technology worldwide has given birth to a new generation of investors who are seeking income producing investment properties located in some of the world’s top destinations. Over the last decade, the international market for second homes has evolved, with buyers now prioritizing return on investment from ongoing rental income over simply indulging in the luxury of owning a vacation home only for personal use.

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27 September, 2018

Top Investment Analysts Warn of Looming Stock Market Crash

Some of today’s most respected analysts have spoken out recently with new warnings about a looming stock market crash that could be “worse than the Great Depression,” according to Newsweek and CNBC, citing growing debt, a massive liquidity crisis, social unrest, computerized trading strategies and a trillion-dollar shift to passive alternative investments like real estate. Read on to learn more about how to protect your financial portfolio from ongoing stock market volatility and how to spot the world’s best areas for real estate investment.

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22 September, 2018

Find Yourself at Paramar VE Luxury Condos in Tulum, Mexico!

Designed to serve as a sacred place where it’s easy to unwind and reconnect with everything that is truly important in life, the luxury condos for sale at Paramar VE in Tulum represent the best of what Mexico’s Riviera Maya region is all about. Read on to see how this innovative new luxury condo development offers fantastic annual return on investment and provides a refuge from the increasingly hectic pace of daily life in the outside world.

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20 September, 2018

Hilton Hotels Continue Caribbean Growth in Playa del Carmen

Hilton Hotels announced plans this week to increase its presence in Playa del Carmen by the end of 2018 and to expand throughout the Caribbean by 2025, bringing at least 10 new all-inclusive resorts to the region. This follows the opening of The Fives Downtown Hotel and Residences, a Curio Collection property by Hilton, in December of last year in the heart of downtown Playa del Carmen. Hilton also has announced plans to open a Waldorf Astoria in Cancun, along with another all-inclusive resort in the area by 2021. 

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18 September, 2018

Live Life to a Higher Standard at Highline Serenity Condos in TulumLive Life to a Higher Standard at Highline Serenity Condos in Tulum

Picture waking up each day to enjoy the warm golden sunrise from the private terrace of your very own luxury condo in Tulum as it climbs over the viridescent jungle canopy and you’ll start to get an idea of what ownership feels like at the new Highline Serenity development in Mexico’s Riviera Maya. Designed to maximize return on investment and income through a combination of rapid capital appreciation and vacation home rentals, each of the luxury condos for sale in Tulum at this posh new development come standard with the very best high-end finishes and open plan fully-equipped kitchens, just moments from the best beaches in the world and clear turquoise waters of the Mexican Caribbean Sea.

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15 September, 2018

Why It’s Hard to Make Long-Term Gains in the Stock Market

Although 2018 has already seen a fair share of stock market volatility and uncertainty, many investors are still riding a high that’s managed to hold on for an impressive run… A run that has prompted yet another seasoned investment manager to issue a warning that prices, “can’t get better than this,” adding that the current environment has also negatively impacted the likelihood of long-term returns. Fortunately, real estate investment can help offset this to produce ongoing retirement income.

“It is simply not possible for market participants to make long-term gains from current U.S. stock prices”, stated investment manager Peter Toogood of Embark Group in a recent CNBC interview.

Read on to learn how the current bull market has impacted long-term returns and also see why there has never been a better time to diversify your financial portfolio with a smart real estate investment strategy. 

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13 September, 2018

Zulim Tulum Condos for Sale: Eco-Chic Design and Innovative Amenities

If owning a fantastic real estate investment that’s situated just a few minutes from the best beaches in the world sounds intriguing, don’t pass up this opportunity to check out the luxury condos for sale at Zulim Tulum right now! Surrounded by ancient Mayan archaeological sites and the warm turquoise waters of the Mexican Caribbean Sea, this exclusive eco-friendly condominium complex offers the ideal balance between opulence and natural beauty, with comfort at the core of its unequaled, eco-chic design.

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08 September, 2018

Investors are once again reaping the rewards of investing in Riviera Maya real estate, as the price of houses for sale in Playa del Carmen Mexico has increased by at least 20 percent since 2016 and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon! According to the Mexican Association of the Real Estate Industry, the growth is expected to continue over the coming years, as direct foreign investments continue to pour in and access to credit improves. 

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