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09 July, 2020

Beyond Making Money: Other Benefits of Real Estate Investing

By now, most investors probably understand the main reasons real estate is such a great investment option; it offers the unique opportunity to earn secure ongoing income, it can beat stock market returns and it can even protect your portfolio from inflation, to name only a few of the many perks that come with investing in real estate…

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13 June, 2020

Coronavirus Opens an Opportunity for Real Estate Investors

As the novel coronavirus pandemic pushes property values downward, real estate investors are finding themselves with even greater buying power than the 2008 financial crisis produced. From deep development discounts on new properties, to cheaper prices overall, distressed asset investing and the travel and tourism sector’s inevitable rebound, a variety of factors are at play, presenting incredible opportunities for real estate investors worldwide.

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11 June, 2020

CNBC: Americans Down on Stocks After Coronavirus; Real Estate is the Best Investment

A new Gallup survey shows that both high-income and lower-income Americans have “soured on stocks,” according to CNBC, which also reported that public interest in both stock and mutual fund investing has fallen to its lowest level since 2012, while real estate’s popularity has actually increased dramatically and it has remained a top investment choice since 2016.

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30 April, 2020

How to Buy a House in Mexico As a Canadian

As a Canadian you can legally buy a house in Mexico, provided you follow a few simple guidelines. This step-by-step house buying guide is designed to help Canadians who are looking for a vacation home in Mexico understand the buying process and develop a better sense of why Mexico is such a great place to invest in real estate.

Read on to see the rules for buying property in Mexico as a foreigner and learn why millions of Canadians and other expats from around the world have already decided to invest in a vacation home in Latin America’s second largest economy.

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28 April, 2020

7 Steps to Invest in a Rental Property

If you want to start investing in rental property, but just aren’t sure exactly where to begin, don’t despair! Rental properties can be a great place for new real estate investors to start, and this basic guide outlines seven steps to buy rental property that provides ongoing income (cash flow) as it continues to appreciate.

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24 March, 2020

Guide to Buying and Owning Mexico Real Estate

Owning property in Mexico is a fantastic way to earn ongoing income for a secure retirement and also enjoy some of the world’s most amazing vacation destinations. This guide to buying and owning Mexico real estate covers the basics and will help expats understand how to maximize ROI and find the right investment property for your situation.

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16 March, 2020

Quick Tips – What’s the Best Way to Search for Real Estate in Mexico?

Trying to discern the best way to search for real estate in Mexico can feel overwhelming, with so many different paths available and plenty of misinformation out there, so we’ve put together some quick tips to help you find the property of your dreams! From how to browse online listings and use map search features, to the benefits of conducting simple Google searches and finally walking around the community itself, we have you covered!

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24 October, 2019

Forbes Says Now’s the Time to Invest in Mexico Real Estate

As one of the world’s best places to retire abroad, Mexico has been popular among international investors for decades, and now Forbes has advised readers that this is an ideal time to invest in Mexico real estate, stating that Latin America’s second-largest economy is also one of the world’s top four places to buy a second home and/or vacation home overseas! 

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19 October, 2019

Why Investors are Buying Real Estate in Riviera Maya, Mexico

With tourism numbers on the rise and demand outpacing supply, there has never been a better time than right now to start real estate investing in Mexico’s Riviera Maya! This magical region spans more than 80 miles along the Mexican Caribbean coast, and lies just south of the Cancun International Airport, offering easy access and modern infrastructure for millions of annual visitors from around the world.

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28 September, 2019

The Tulum real estate market is red hot right now, giving investors the opportunity to secure proven ongoing income by investing in vacation homes, luxury condos and land in Mexico’s Riviera Maya. Situated 90 minutes south of the Cancun International Airport and less than one hour south of downtown Playa del Carmen, Tulum has emerged as the next big Caribbean vacation hotspot for sophisticated travelers from around the world, creating a steadily increasing demand for luxury condos and vacation home rentals… And the chance for investors to get stable ongoing return on investment and income from a growing real estate market. 

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24 September, 2019

Will Stocks or Real Estate Make Better Returns Over the Next 10 Years?

Knowing what type of investments will perform best over the next decade can make all the difference between enjoying an amazing retirement or struggling to pay your bills after you stop working. Regardless of when you expect to reach retirement age, it's imperative to ensure that your financial portfolio is properly diversified so you can weather the storms of stock market volatility that always come to pass sooner or later. Understanding how real estate and stocks will perform over time is also an essential part of growing your portfolio, and it can even help you provide a layer of security to protect your nest egg from market fluctuation. 

"Stocks have long been the most glamorous of the major asset classes, but stocks are no longer Americans’ favorite long-term investment", wrote Bankrate, after a recent survey asked some of the world's most experienced investors what type of investments they think will perform best over the next 10 years. "What is? It’s real estate!"

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19 September, 2019

Smart Tips for Playa Del Carmen Real Estate Investment

Investing in property abroad can be intimidating if you’ve never done it, so many would-be buyers miss out on the incredible opportunities presented by alternative investments like Playa del Carmen real estate. We hope these smart tips for buying investment properties in Playa will give you a better understanding of how to buy property abroad and will help you find the right investment property for your needs. 

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