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07 September, 2019

How to Buy Investment Property in Tulum That Drives Rental Income | KASA Residences

As one of the top beach towns for high rental yields, it’s not surprising that investment property in Tulum is a hot commodity right now. But how can you ensure that the property you’re buying will deliver great return on investment? Here are our tips for how to buy property that will provide excellent appreciation and ongoing rental income in Tulum. 

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27 August, 2019

Buying property in Mexico has never been easier or offered better return on investment, making right now an ideal time to fulfill lifelong dreams of owning a vacation home close to the best beaches in the world. Investors from around the world are permitted to legally buy property in Mexico, and foreigners also get full protection under the law when it comes to Mexico real estate transactions.

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06 August, 2019

If you have money sitting in a 401(k) or other retirement account, and are unhappy with the return on investment (ROI) you are receiving and/or the type of investments that are offered in the plan, don’t settle! You can roll the money from your 401(k) (and a number of other retirement accounts) into a Self-Directed IRA instead. From there, you can use the funds to invest in real estate to earn secure, ongoing retirement income and diversify your financial portfolio… Let us show you how!

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20 June, 2019

Quick Guide to Buying and Owning Mexico Real Estate

From big cities to smaller resort beach towns, Mexico real estate is a proven way to enjoy secure ongoing income, whether you are nearing retirement, need to diversify your financial portfolio or are just looking for a great alternative investment that is not connected to typical stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Before you start to look at properties, check out this quick guide to help you understand the rules for buying real estate in Mexico, including what to expect and what the basic process is for owning Mexico real estate as a foreigner.

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27 October, 2018

Why Vacation Homes Are the Ideal Investment for Your IRA

Most financial advisors still won’t tell investors how to buy real estate with an IRA account, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t a highly effective alternative investment strategy…. IF you know where and perhaps more importantly what kind of investment properties to buy. Read on to learn why vacation home rentals are the ideal real estate investment for your IRA account and how to spot the best income producing properties on the market right now. 

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09 October, 2018

Stocks, bonds and mutual funds might have been the way most people traditionally invested money for retirement, but ongoing stock market volatility has caused more people to invest in real estate using a Self-Directed IRA account. Read on to learn how easy it is to use funds from your retirement account to buy income producing investment property and discover why this smart alternative investment strategy is steadily gaining popularity among investors of all ages, backgrounds and income levels.

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15 September, 2018

Why It’s Hard to Make Long-Term Gains in the Stock Market

Although 2018 has already seen a fair share of stock market volatility and uncertainty, many investors are still riding a high that’s managed to hold on for an impressive run… A run that has prompted yet another seasoned investment manager to issue a warning that prices, “can’t get better than this,” adding that the current environment has also negatively impacted the likelihood of long-term returns. Fortunately, real estate investment can help offset this to produce ongoing retirement income.

“It is simply not possible for market participants to make long-term gains from current U.S. stock prices”, stated investment manager Peter Toogood of Embark Group in a recent CNBC interview.

Read on to learn how the current bull market has impacted long-term returns and also see why there has never been a better time to diversify your financial portfolio with a smart real estate investment strategy. 

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31 July, 2018

How to Find the Best Condos for Sale in Mexico Right Now

Trying to find the best condos for sale in Mexico can feel overwhelming, even if you are familiar with the country and have a specific location in mind. To help simplify the process of locating the best investment property in Mexico, we have put together this easy checklist of what to look for when you invest in Mexico real estate and where you can find the best condos for sale in Mexico right now!

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19 June, 2018

Safely Buying Real Estate in Mexico: 10 Tips for Investors

Owning investment property in Mexico can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life – both financially and on a personal level – depending on your needs. In order to buy real estate in Mexico safely and ensure that it’s truly the best option for your unique situation, it’s essential to understand some basic rules and develop a plan, so here are 10 tips designed to help you do just that!

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05 June, 2018

Although brokerage firms will tell you to expect average annualized long-term returns of 6.2 percent, most investment advisors probably won’t mention that when inflation is factored in, that number drops to 4.6 percent, which is hardly enough to provide for a stable retirement and definitely won’t provide enough investment income for most of us to really get ahead. That’s where real estate investment comes into the picture and – when you buy smart – can really make a difference in your long-term financial success. Read on to see why real estate investing remains one of the safest, tried-and-true options for investors of all ages and learn how to spot a great investment property for sale on the market today! 

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02 June, 2018

Real Estate Investing: Myths, Facts and How to Get Started

Real estate investing is a proven way to increase your return on investment (ROI) and also provides a hedge against inflation, protection from stock market volatility and a way to get ongoing stable retirement income. Still, many investors are blinded by common myths and misconceptions about investing in real estate, or don’t understand the facts and how to get started. Read on to learn more about the best ways to find income producing property in a stable real estate market. 

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29 May, 2018

How to Buy Real Estate with No Money Down

Investing in real estate offers a stable, proven way to create ongoing investment income, but many would-be investors still don’t realize they can buy real estate with no money down using funds in their IRA account instead. Yes, you read that correctly… Money that is currently tied up and invested in the stock market and/or mutual funds in your individual retirement account can legally and easily be used to buy investment properties anywhere in the world!

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24 May, 2018

4 Key Real Estate Investing Tips for Millennials

A recent study by UBS confirms what most of us already knew: Millennials definitely are not reckless – especially when it comes to real estate investing. More specifically, it found that “Americans aged 21 to 36 are the most fiscally conservative generation since the Great Depression,” as evidenced by their “better-safe-than-sorry attitude,” which may be attributed – at least in part – to the ongoing stock market volatility and unpredictability they have watched loved ones cope with throughout most of their lives. 

Read on to see our top 4 tips to help millennials get started with real estate investment and build a secure financial future with reliable return on investment!

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