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20 Reasons to Buy a Vacation Home Rental in the Riviera Maya (Part 2)

20 January, 2018

Top 20 Reasons to Buy a Vacation Home Rental in the Riviera Maya

A few days ago, I brought you the first 10 of my Top 20 Reasons to Buy a Vacation Home Rental in Mexico’s Riviera Maya, and here’s the follow-up with Part 2 of the blog and 10 more great reasons to consider investing in a vacation home that will provide ongoing income and unbeatable appreciation.

11. Low Cost of Living

The cost of living in Mexico also provides a powerful incentive to invest in property, with most items costing about half of what it would in the U.S. or Canada. Also, keep in mind that the cost of living is also very subjective and depends on your lifestyle, but even luxuries like weekly maid and gardener service are affordable here. 

“The Riviera Maya offers an affordable cost of living where you can live well on much less than you’d spend in the U.S.”, wrote International Living. “Living right on the beach can be pricey, but head inland a few blocks (still only a few minutes’ walk from the water) and you’ll pay much less”. 

12. Modern Infrastructure

This region is also rated as having one of the best airports and highway transportation systems in the world. The roads here are modern, well-maintained and easy to navigate, while the airport offers an efficient, comfortable travel experience in a great location. 

Top 20 Reasons to Buy a Vacation Home Rental in the Riviera Maya - Modern Infrastructure

13. Easy Access

Speaking of access, the Cancun International Airport currently offers more than 300 flights a day to the U.S. and Canada, along with an impressive list of other destinations worldwide. This makes it a breeze for owners to travel back and forth to their vacation homes in the area.

“International passenger traffic to Mexico’s largest resort has climbed”, wrote Bloomberg. “It rose 6.3 percent in November [2017] from a year earlier and has increased more than 8 percent this year".

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14. Large Expat Community

There are currently at least 47 nationalities represented in the expat community this part of Mexico, so no matter where you are from, chances are you will feel at home in this top international destination. Also, when you add in the tourists that flood the entire region throughout the year, it’s not uncommon to run into people from far-flung locales like China, Ireland and Holland… In the course of just one afternoon!

Top 20 Reasons to Buy a Vacation Home Rental in the Riviera Maya - Major Brands Represented

15. Major Brands Represented

Not only are all of the top hotels and major resort brands represented here, but Starbucks, Sam’s Club, PF Chang’s and many other major brands are also found in the Mexican Caribbean. Home Depot, Liverpool, Tim Horton’s, Victoria’s Secret, American Apparel, Applebee’s, Ruth’s Chris and Baskin Robbins are also available here, among others. 

16. Warm Weather

The warm weather is another big draw for tourists and, therefore, it’s also a huge factor for investors who want to cash in on the turnkey vacation home rental market. With temps averaging a perfect 85 degrees all year round, there’s no bad time to visit, and with more than 300 days of sunshine every year, the opportunities for adventure are virtually endless.

17. Tropical Caribbean Environment

Water temperatures also hover at an average of around 80 degrees all year, which means exploring the clear turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea is almost always a possibility. The calm blue waters are also among the cleanest bodies of salt water on the planet, earning a number of Blue Flag awards in recent years.

Top 20 Reasons to Buy a Vacation Home Rental in the Riviera Maya - World Class Water Sports

18. World Class Water Sports

Of course, some of the best deep-sea fishing, diving, snorkeling and a wide variety of other water sports can also be found here. With the world’s second-largest barrier reef located just offshore and countless freshwater cenotes just waiting to be explored, there is truly something to suit adventurers of all ages and skill levels.

19. Fantastic Shopping & Dining

Along with all of the top major brands, this area is also home to some seriously amazing shopping at the local stores and boutiques, as well as some of the very best international dining and freshest seafood… All at a fraction of the cost most of us are used to back home. 

Top 20 Reasons to Buy a Vacation Home Rental in the Riviera Maya - Local Culture

20. Local Culture

Finally, no article about the best reasons to buy property right now in this part of Mexico would be complete without mentioning the friendly local people, as well as the rich Mayan history and culture associated with the entire Yucatan Peninsula. Visitors can easily spend the day exploring the ancient ruins of Chichen Itza, then stop in the charming colonial town of Valladolid for a late lunch and some shopping. 

The bottom line? Quite frankly, if you’re not already investing here in the Riviera Maya, you really are missing the boat, so don’t let this opportunity completely slip away!

Do you have questions about buying property in Mexico? Let us know in the comments! 

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