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The Rise of Yucatan Riviera Real Estate

12 September, 2017

The Rise of Yucatan Riviera Real Estate

The Riviera Maya is without a doubt one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico, but with rising popularity comes rising property prices, and the Mexican Caribbean coast is no longer an affordable option for some property buyers. If your budget just won’t stretch to Riviera Maya real estate prices, but the Yucatan Peninsula has stolen your heart along with the rest of ours, don’t despair.


Placing as #3 and #4 respectively on Forbes’ and Lonely Planet’s lists of Top Cities in 2017, Merida is a Mexican city on the rise. The capital of the Yucatan offers an eclectic mix of culture and cuisine. As a result, Merida has been named the American Capital of Culture for this year. Moreover, it’s widely considered one of the safest destinations in Mexico.

The Rise of Yucatan Riviera Real Estate

The blended beauty of Merida is undeniable. Grand colonial architecture washed in pastel colors sits alongside ancient Mayan ruins, creating a quintessential Mexican backdrop for the vibrant atmosphere of places such as La Plaza Mayor or the Lucas de Galvez market. At the fin de semana, the city comes alive. Though you won’t find the same party culture here as you do in Cancun. Instead, bustling bars, live music, art shows and delicious local cuisine are on the menu. For some schooling on the Mayan way of life, head to the Museo del Mundo Maya, walking you through Mayan history from ancient times to the modern day Mayan. If live action sport is more your thing, witness the traditional Mayan ball game of Pok ta Pok which takes place every Friday at 8pm in front of the cathedral.

Entertainment offerings in Merida are endless. But opting for this side of the Peninsula doesn’t mean sacrificing your beach time. Beachfront property on the Yucatan’s north coast is both affordable and accessible, without sacrificing beauty. Merida International Airport offers direct international flights served by Aeromexico, United Airlines and more recently Westjet. From there to the Yucatan Riviera is as little as 45 minutes, where you can find luxury developments set onto the idyllic beaches the region is known for.

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San Crisanto

San Crisanto is currently experiencing some new development, with the Canadian developers Caban Condos currently offering pre-sale prices on a new project. High end, oceanfront 3 bed, 2 bath condos of 1,640 sq. ft. are currently as little as $134,900 USD. Penthouses, looking out over the turquoise sea start at $224,900 USD. Despite the new developments along the Yucatan Riviera, tranquil, virgin beaches are the norm with sugary soft white sand and swaying palms.

The Rise of Yucatan Riviera Real Estate

The Yucatan Riviera offers a tranquil feeling of remoteness while still being within easy distance of bustling Merida, all for much more affordable prices. Moreover, with plans of further development, buying in the Yucatan Riviera offers the investment opportunities that the Riviera Maya offered all those years ago. While the Riviera Maya is still Mexico’s #1 tourist destination, buying property slightly further afield offers you more for your money, without compromising on the Mexican Caribbean dream of tacos, tequila and turquoise ocean right outside your front door.

Have you ever visited Merida, San Crisanto, or anywhere else in the Riviera Maya? Let us know in the comments below!

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