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Stock Market Could Be Headed for Highs Before New Lows – Time to Sell!

19 May, 2018

Stock Market Could Be Headed for Highs Before New Lows – Time to Sell!

By now, most investors know that the recent stock market volatility has marked the worst selloff in recent years, but there’s no denying there have also been huge gains. Top analysts are predicting an even bigger drop to come, but what about right now? Read on to see why this is an ideal time to sell and cash in on gains before the next big dip and why alternative investments like real estate offer a proven alternative to protect your hard-earned investment income... If you know where to look!

Although many investors saw gains of up to 20 percent last year, so far in 2018 stock market volatility has been high, which indicates rougher waters ahead and makes right now the best time to take your profits and diversify with secure, proven income producing alternative investments.

What’s Happening Right Now 

While it might seem tempting to stay fully invested and ride out whatever may come, it’s important to remember that your gains can literally be wiped out overnight. The smart bet is to take advantage of gains before the market starts to tank again (because it will) and reallocate to ensure you’ll continue to receive enough investment income to enjoy retirement and protect your hard-earned assets. 

Stock Market Could Be Headed for Highs Before New Lows – What’s Happening Right Now

Right now, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is doing something it hasn’t done since the 1980’s; it has not closed below its 200-day moving average for 472 sessions, which is the longest stretch since a winning streak between 1984-1987. Still, despite this growth, the market has been tested weekly if not daily ever since early February when the Dow dropped -10.8 percent, marking its largest one-day drop in history. More recently, the DJIA broke its ascending 200-day moving average in early April and again in early May before bouncing back again.

What’s Next?

So what does this mean for all of us? That’s always the million-dollar question.

According to a recent survey by JP Morgan and reported by CNBC, 75 percent of the world’s wealthiest investors also believe we are definitely headed for a recession

Which means we should take advantage of the growth we've seen and take steps now to protect our assets. One way to do this is through smart real estate investment opportunities that provide proven, secure, predictable ongoing income you can rely on even when the market takes its next big hit. 

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How to Beat the Stock Market with Investment Property in Tulum

The harsh reality is that stocks, bonds and mutual funds are not a reliable way to secure retirement income or to protect your assets. Yes, the market is capable of offering big gains, but the investments are largely beyond our control and everyday investors are subject to deal with forces much bigger than ourselves. Fortunately, we have a solution through real estate investing that offers a way to mitigate to this ongoing concern, and also provides the opportunity to own a turnkey vacation home in one of the world’s top destinations! 

Stock Market Could Be Headed for Highs Before New Lows – Time to Sell!

The concept is simple enough – invest in turnkey vacation home rentals that are located in a growing vacation hotspot and enjoy all the benefits of ownership without the headaches. The key is to invest in a proven, income producing property that is both in-demand and well-appointed, with an experienced staff in place who knows how to handle the day-to-day operations and ensure a seamless experience for all guests. 

Our investment properties in Mexico’s Riviera Maya are ideal for this type of purchase, since demand is still far outpacing supply and we have a proven track record of providing secure, predictable 8-14 percent return on investment with No Worries, No Hassles Ownership, which guarantees that every detail is taken care of. We completely take the stress out of owning a vacation home at a price point that doesn’t make it impossible to turn a significant profit, while you sit back and collect ongoing investment income while enjoying free vacations in a five-star destination.

Are you looking for alternative investments to protect your assets from stock market volatility? Tell us in the comments! 

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