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Quick Guide: Best Playa del Carmen Real Estate for Sale

05 October, 2017

Quick Guide: Best Playa del Carmen Real Estate for Sale

Have you ever wondered how one part of the Playa del Carmen real estate market compares to another? We’re here to help! This quick guide will help you understand all of the city’s main real estate investing hotspots and what makes them different. 

 Situated in the heart of the Riviera Maya on the Caribbean Sea, Playa (as the locals often call it) was once a sleepy fishing village, but today is one of the fastest-growing cities in Latin America, having evolved into a cosmopolitan coastal town with a distinct Old-World feel, complete with modern infrastructure, services and amenities. As with any growing town, there are a number of different neighborhoods to get to know – especially if you’re interested in buying property in this part of the Mexican Caribbean. 


Perhaps the largest and most well-known neighborhood, offering some of the finest Playa del Carmen real estate for sale, is Playacar. This exclusive gated community begins downtown and extends all the way to the main highway. Inside, you can expect to find stunning multi-million dollar mansions, luxury condos for sale and an expansive 18-hole golf course built by Robert Von Hagge. Playacar also has a few strip malls that are home to convenience stores, restaurants and other services, as well as a new high-end shopping center.

The neighborhood has a Phase 1 and Phase 2, with Phase 1 encompassing mostly houses, villas and single-family homes, with a few condominiums close to the Mexican Caribbean Sea. Phase 2 also has a number of single-family homes, as well as a variety of luxury condos and condo-hotels, which are found throughout the Riviera Maya region and offer an excellent concept for investment purposes, as they easily double as turnkey vacation rentals that provide incredible return on investment.

Quick Guide: Best Playa del Carmen Real Estate for Sale

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Downtown Playa del Carmen Real Estate Market

The downtown area of Playa del Carmen is also really popular, offering easy access to the Mexican Caribbean Sea, a countless array of restaurants, the best shopping and nightlife – all within easy walking distance of hotels and luxury condos. There are several new modern condominium developments in the area and many more are under construction, offering rooftop pools, fitness facilities, private parking and easy access to other resort-style amenities at a better price point for the space guests get to enjoy. These luxury condo hotels also double as turnkey vacation rentals for owners, promising great return on investment.

The northernmost area of downtown Playa del Carmen is also known as the Colosio neighborhood and is easily accessible via the city’s ultra-popular 5th Avenue (Quinta Avenida in Spanish) a pedestrian-only thoroughfare where you will find all the dining, shopping and entertainment anyone could wish for. This is also one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city and is currently undergoing a major facelift, with many new luxury condos mixing with the older buildings to give it a unique vibe. 

Quick Guide: Best Playa del Carmen Real Estate for Sale

West & South Playa del Carmen Real Estate for Sale 

Located on the opposite side of the region’s main highway, the west and south areas of Playa face the southernmost exit of Playacar and is where the Centro Maya shopping mall is located. This major hub for the community is where you will also find a super market, shops, cinemas and a food court, as well as bus connections, transport vans and taxis. New housing developments include La Joya and Bambu residences, which sell both family homes and land lots for sale. 

West Center Area of Playa del Carmen 

Finally, there is the West Center area, which is a bit farther west and north. It is set to one day become a new part of the downtown area, and the local government has already relocated their offices here. A large Walmart is also in this part of town, along with the Teatro de la Ciudad, or City Theater. Real estate prices here are still very affordable and many of the housing developments offer gated security and common areas with swimming pools.

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