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Projected Growth of the Playa del Carmen Property Market

28 August, 2018

Projected Growth of the Playa del Carmen Property Market

The Playa del Carmen property market has been attracting real estate investors from around the world over the last few decades, as buyers discover this exciting alternative investment opportunity. In recent years, the Playa del Carmen real estate market is growing more than ever before, and investors are realizing incredible return on investment from capital appreciation and – if the owners are interested – vacation home rental income. Read on to see why the Playa del Carmen property market is booming and what makes right now a great time to invest! 

Why You Should Invest in Playa del Carmen Real Estate

If you haven’t already visited downtown Playa del Carmen to see it for yourself, chances are good that – as a savvy investor – you’ve at least seen pictures of this idyllic Mexican Caribbean beach town. Situated in the state of Quintana Roo just south of Cancun in the heart of Mexico’s Riviera Maya. The island of Cozumel and world’s second-largest barrier reef are located just offshore, while the eco-chic beach town of Tulum and exclusive gated beach, marina and golf community of Puerto Aventuras lie just to the south of downtown Playa along the pristine Riviera Maya coastline.

Why You Should Invest in Playa del Carmen Real Estate

With booming residential and commercial property markets, Playa del Carmen is also the fastest-growing city in Latin America, but still offers buyers excellent value for the money. In addition, real estate in the Playa del Carmen property market and throughout Mexico’s Riviera Maya region, will never depreciate, but instead actually appreciates much more rapidly than comparable beach destinations worldwide. It’s also important to note that tourism numbers are soaring in Playa del Carmen and throughout Mexico’s Riviera Maya, which is listed among the world’s top 10 fastest-growing property markets according to the Financial Times. 

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The Future of Playa del Carmen Real Estate Investment

Of course, no one has a crystal ball, but looking to the future there are no signs of the Playa del Carmen property market slowing down, as hotels report more than 80 percent annual occupancy rates and Mexico’s middle class continues to grow. This ties in closely with Mexico’s strong overall economy, which has proven its dependability over the last few decades and has encouraged real estate investment as foreign buyers take advantage of the weak peso and invest larger sums than ever before.

The Future of Playa del Carmen Real Estate Investment

“Investors can’t get enough of this place”, wrote The Yucatan Times earlier this year. “The low prices, appealing rental yields and impressive sights are hard to resist”.

Furthermore, the average price of Playa del Carmen houses for sale has risen by 20 percent since late 2016, according to the Mexican Association of the Real Estate Industry, which also demonstrates and confirms the area’s ongoing rapid rate of property appreciation.

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