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Playa Del Carmen to Have World’s 4th Largest Water Slide

01 July, 2017

Playa Del Carmen to Have World’s 4th Largest Water Slide

Groupo Experiences Xcaret is known for its natural wonder-worlds, full of adrenaline-spiking activities, stunning natural beauty and cultural exhibits. The natural theme parks include Xcaret, Xplor and Xenses and make up some of the biggest tourist attractions in the Riviera Maya. But one special park in particular is getting a major new addition this summer; Xel-Há is about to become home to the world’s 4th largest water slide!

Plans for upgrading the Xel-Há theme park began in 2016 when SEMARNAT - the Ministry for Environmental and Natural Resources - approved proposed plans that included the water slide, along with tunnels, underwater sculptures and an underwater walker.

 World’s Tallest Water Slides

After the official closing of the Verrückt water slide in the Schlitterbahn Kansas City waterpark, Aldeia das Aguas Park Resort in Brazil currently has the world’s tallest water slide. The Kilimanjaro water slide is 49 meters high and reaches speeds of up to 90km/h. The new water slide at Xel-Há will come behind Kilimanjaro, Insano (also in Brazil) and Captain Spacemaker (Italy).

Xel- Mexico Water Slide

The Xel-Há (Mexico) slide is to be named Faro-Tobogán and will take the shape of a 40-meter-high lighthouse. The structure will serve as both a water slide and a look-out point. Riders who are brave enough to climb to the top will have the chance to take in panoramic views of the Riviera Maya including the Caribbean Sea and vast jungle surrounding the park. Four separate slides will wrap around the structure. They will reach a total of 30 meters in height and the coloured exteriors of the slides will provide the traditional stripes of a lighthouse. The expected speed of the slides will be up to 8-meters-per-second! Once riders reach the bottom of the water slide they will be plunged into a large, cool cenote.

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Playa Del Carmen to Have World’s 4th Largest Water Slide

The official opening of Faro-Tobogán will be held on July 15, 2017. Tickets are available through the Xcaret Mexico website and discounts are available for residents of Quintana Roo, Mexican nationals and those who book well in advance.

Mexico’s Riviera Maya – A Top Tourism Destination

World-class family entertainment is part of what makes Mexico’s Riviera Maya such a popular tourist destination. Xel-Há’s planned improvements are just the latest in a string of announcements that show the Riviera Maya’s dedication to constantly improving the tourism industry. Organizations in the region are committed to developing the area’s facilities while maintaining its stunning natural beauty. For instance, the much-anticipated Dreamworks Theme Park should also begin construction this year.

This attitude towards constant improvement spells longevity for the Riviera Maya as a tourist destination. As a result, real estate investment continues to grow in the region due to a high standard of living being possible on a much lower budget. Moreover, the growing demand of international tourists has created a profitable vacation rental market and many property owners are benefiting from vacation homes offer hassle free ownership and 8-12% ROI.  

One thing’s for sure, anything that keeps the kids busy is a welcome addition to any vacation! How much do local attractions factor into your decisions where property investment is concerned?

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