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Moving Your Belongings to Sunny Mexico

14 March, 2017


With the abundance of beautiful beaches, the people and of course, all the tacos you can eat; Mexico is a wonderful place that you can move. However, you may be wondering how you’re going to be able to move all your items from your home in the U.S. to the new home in Mexico. Before you go skipping over, make sure to understand some basics about moving to another country and being able to bring all your items with you for the trip. 

How to Move Your Household Goods and Vehicle

It is important to note that to move these items, you will need some documentation to ensure safe travels for the items and vehicle you’re bringing to Mexico.

  • Title, Insurance and Registration Information
  • Passport
  • Declaration of Goods
  • Taxes on the Items - Ranges from 30-40%
  • Additional Paperwork for Validation of Items and Value of Vehicle

The vehicle should be thoroughly cleaned inside and out. Additionally, it is ideal to reduce the amount that you’re bringing with you if you want to save money on the move. By not bringing some of the larger furniture with you, you can reduce the amount that you spend to move the items. This helps to make the move more manageable and affordable to every budget.

In all, the cost to bring your items to Mexico, as well as ship a vehicle can cost anywhere from $400 to $3,000 depending on the type of transport you want. Generally, container shipment costs more than roll-on, roll-off shipment. Depending on which you feel the most comfortable with, it might be beneficial to choose a container shipment. 

Trust in a shipping company that can provide you with the valuable shipping of the goods and vehicle that you have. When you work with a reputable shipping company, you can feel more confident about having your goods stay in safe hands during transport. Speak with them ahead of time to receive a quote on the items that you’re going to be moving, including vehicles. This provides you with a better idea of what you’re going to spend for the move. 

Why Choose to Move to Mexico

Like many others, the move is daunting but it can be done. There are many reasons why someone would want to move to this beautiful place. Making your vacation into an all year-round thing is one of the biggest benefits of moving to this country. Go for a week, stay for the rest of your life. Aquariums, natural parks, beaches and many other areas of interest are there for you to enjoy. Even museums are available for those to use during their time, if you wanted to know more about Mexico and the culture within. 

Mexico provides an awesome way of living and no matter if you travel during a winter vacation or during the spring, summer or fall, you will find many enjoyable things to do in the great outdoors. Many people have found that moving from the U.S. to Mexico has provided them with a wide assortment of activities that help to fill their days. Of course, looking out to the wide-open skies, beautiful lands ahead and the culture that is rich with history can also boast a lot for the expat that is looking to make a new life for themselves and enjoy a vacation all year round.

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