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Mexico Vacation Homes for Sale Offer Great ROI and a Luxury Lifestyle

09 August, 2018

Mexico Vacation Homes for Sale Offer Great ROI and a Luxury Lifestyle

Vacation homes can provide ongoing return on investment through rental income, but all locations are definitely not created equal, and there are a variety of Mexico vacation homes for sale right now that offer better ROI and a more luxurious lifestyle… With price points available that won’t prevent average investors from buying into the market!

Read on to see how vacation home rentals in Mexico are able to pay higher returns and offer a better lifestyle than other top vacation destinations!

Best Places to Buy Property in Mexico

Although the real estate markets in all of the top vacation destinations in Mexico each offer their own unique benefits, there is still much greater value to be had in places like the Riviera Maya, which stretches about 80 miles south from Cancun along the Mexican Caribbean coast and is home to top vacation destinations like downtown Playa del Carmen, Cozumel island, Puerto Aventuras and Tulum.

Best Places to Buy Property in Mexico

Real estate in the Riviera Maya offers the best value in Mexico right now among beach destinations, which can amount to 8-14 percent ROI, and visitors also enjoy modern infrastructure with easy access from the Cancun International Airport. Property values here will never depreciate, and there are plenty of English-speaking locals as well as a large expat community, which means you are likely to make friends with people from all over the world.

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Of course, the Riviera Maya also offers the high level of cultural familiarity that is shared between visitors and the local people in most parts of Mexico, and real estate investors also benefit from the strong U.S. and Canadian dollars against the Mexican peso. It’s also important to note that the Riviera Maya offers easy access to all the conveniences of home and would-be expats can benefit from the same fast residency process and six-month visa-free stays that are offered throughout the country.

Buying Investment Property in Mexico

Buying Investment Property in Mexico

Finally, here are five easy tips to help you find the best Mexico vacation homes for sale:

  • Get to know the local real estate market.
  • Work with a trusted local realtor who has solid references.
  • Stay within a comfortable budget and always pay cash.
  • Research the real costs of buying a vacation home in Mexico.
  • Establish your long-term goals before buying a vacation home.

Do you have questions about buying Mexico vacation homes for sale? Post them in the comments!

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