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KASA Investment Fund Offers Secure, Tax-Free Retirement Income for Your IRA

11 July, 2019

KASA Investment Fund Offers Secure Real Estate Investment, Tax-Free Retirement Income for Your IRA

KASA Real Estate Investment Fund

KASA Investment Fund is a smart real estate investment that was created to generate reliable income PLUS all the benefits of owning a luxury beachfront hotel. Investors own shares of a diversified portfolio of luxury beachfront hotels throughout the Caribbean and the Americas. Another great feature is that investors can use their IRA account to invest and has ZERO tax consequences.

IRAs have long been touted as the ideal investment vehicle for your retirement, and CNBC says there has never been a better time for you to start investing in an IRA account than right now! Unfortunately, many people still don’t realize that you can hold different types of investments not typically associated with a retirement account in an IRA, including real estate assets. This smart alternative real estate investment strategy offers a variety of long-term benefits, including secure, ongoing tax-deferred retirement income, diversification for your financial portfolio and a proven hedge against inflation.

“With tax rates as low as they’re likely to be for the foreseeable future thanks to the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, there has never been a better time to contribute to [an IRA]”, wrote CNBC.

Another reason that time is of the essence comes with the sobering realization that future tax rate increases are almost certainly coming. Since investors can lock in their current tax rate when they contribute to (or earn income from an investment in) their IRA account, those who are currently in lower brackets - including young people - are poised to benefit the most.

“[Self-Directed and] Roth IRA’s are particularly valuable for workers who will likely increase their earnings - and move into higher tax brackets - over time”, wrote CNBC. “If you start contributing when you are young and have decades before you touch the money, the tax benefits of the IRA account will keep compounding”.

Using your IRA account for real estate investment can give you benefits as owner

And when you opt to include alternative investment options like real estate, which have the potential to outperform stocks, bonds and mutual funds in the long run, the payoff (in the form of retirement income for your IRA account) becomes even greater! In addition, real estate investment remains an attractive alternative because it provides protection from ongoing stock market volatility, a hedge against inflation and diversification for your financial portfolio against the imminent recession that’s headed our way, according to top market analysts.

There are a variety of different ways to invest in real estate, including both directly and indirectly through professionally-managed rental properties, investment funds or real estate trusts. Of course, the easiest way is to avoid owning specific properties directly and invest in a more comprehensive real estate fund instead. Designed to function similar to a mutual fund, this option pays dividends and diversifies your portfolio by investing in the most successful sectors of the market worldwide.

Shareholders Get Proven, Secure ROI with the KASA Investment Fund

Offering the chance to invest in the KASA Hotel Collection’s global luxury brand, the KASA Investment Fund is a unique opportunity to participate in the growing hospitality and tourism industry of the world’s hottest vacation destinations without the stress of directly owning and managing real estate. The KASA Investment Fund purchases premium land in up-and-coming locations, building luxury hotels that increase in value 30-50 percent immediately after construction is completed.

Properties owned by the Fund also appreciate at a premium rate because they are in premium locations, and operational costs are kept to a minimum by implementing central purchasing and sharing costs across all properties. Furthermore, since the hotels appreciate at a premium rate and are immediately worth much more than the original purchase and construction cost, shareholder investment is secure and further protected against all other Fund assets until all investment capital has been recouped.

Benefits of KASA Investment Fund, have a vacation in more than 10 luxury beachfront hotel properties

Benefits of KASA Investment Fund vs. Direct Property Ownership

  • Premium Real Estate Locations
  • Increased Equity
  • Rapid Appreciation
  • 30-50% Construction Savings
  • Maximizes ROI, ADR and OCC
  • Lower Operational Costs
  • 100% Secure Investment

Other advantages that come with investing in real estate assets like the KASA Hotel Collection include ownership of a diversified portfolio of innovative lifestyle investments that come with many perks at more than 10 luxury beachfront hotel properties, along with 12-15+% annual return on investment. Imagine enjoying all the perks that come with being a shareholder of luxury hotels with owner benefits, while earning secure, ongoing tax-free retirement income for your IRA account! In addition, all properties are paid in cash with no debts, no liens and no encumbrances, with principal returned in five years or less.

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