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How to Invest in Real Estate Using Your 401(k) Retirement Account

06 August, 2019

How to Invest in Real Estate Using Your 401(k) Retirement Account

If you have money sitting in a 401(k) or other retirement account, and are unhappy with the return on investment (ROI) you are receiving and/or the type of investments that are offered in the plan, don’t settle! You can roll the money from your 401(k) (and a number of other retirement accounts) into a Self-Directed IRA instead. From there, you can use the funds to invest in real estate to earn secure, ongoing retirement income and diversify your financial portfolio… Let us show you how!

Benefits of Self-Directed IRA Real Estate Investment

Although investing in real estate with your 401k is a proven way to protect your principal and collect ongoing income, many investors still don’t realize they can also use funds that are currently sitting in their 401(k), traditional IRA or other employer-sponsored retirement plan to buy shares in a real estate investment fund and/or purchase investment property. Generally speaking, buying shares of a real estate fund like the KASA Investment Fund offers a more lucrative and totally “hand’s off” option for busy professionals and retirees who don’t want to spend their time managing properties and dealing with maintenance issues.

Benefits of Self-Directed IRA Real Estate Investment

Whether you’ve recently retired, changed jobs or just want to have more control over your investment accounts, rolling funds from a 401(k) or other employer-sponsored retirement plan into a Self-Directed IRA account is an easy way to earn higher ROI and protect your assets from the ongoing threat of stock market volatility by investing in real estate instead. As long as your employer doesn’t have a restriction, you will be able to roll over assets that are currently held in your 401(k) into a Self-Directed IRA simply by filling out some typical new account and transfer paperwork. Just keep in mind that in some cases non-vested funds can be excluded, but regardless you are permitted to roll employer contributions, as well as your own contributions and any earnings, into a Self-Directed IRA account.

“Investment options in your 401(k) can be limited and are selected by the plan sponsor, so rolling your funds over into an IRA can broaden your choice of investments”, writes Ameriprise Financial“These rollovers can help you more effectively manage your retirement savings and diversify your investments”.

The KASA Investment Fund Is A Unique Lifestyle Investment Opportunity

Why the KASA Investment Fund?

Offering a wide variety of exciting benefits for shareholders, the KASA Investment Fund is a unique lifestyle investment that is designed to provide ongoing, reliable income from a totally secure, recession-proof and well-diversified real estate portfolio of luxury beachfront hotels and resorts located in the Caribbean and the Americas. Rolling over funds from your 401(k) into a Self-Directed IRA and buying real estate assets like the KASA Investment Fund in your financial portfolio also provides a hedge against inflation and allows you to collect ongoing tax-free income for retirement.

How to Invest in Real Estate Using Your 401(k) Retirement Account

Designed specifically for investors who need to earn secure, reliable retirement income and protect their hard-earned assets from ongoing stock market volatility, the KASA Investment Fund also provides a long list of exciting lifestyle benefits for shareholders, including impressive ownership benefits at the Fund’s luxury beachfront hotels. From vacationing with friends and family at cost, to enjoying deep discounts at on-site restaurants and bars, the KASA Fund is the only investment of its kind that is 100% secure and provides ongoing ROI of 12-15 percent or higher.

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