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How Much Should You Invest in a Private Real Estate Investment Fund?

24 August, 2019

How Much Should You Invest in a Private Real Estate Investment Fund?

Deciding how to allocate your hard-earned wealth can feel daunting, especially with stock market volatility always looming just around the corner, ready to take back any gains and making it harder to plan for retirement or earn ongoing income you can rely on. Most top investment gurus agree that any successful asset allocation model will feature a well-diversified portfolio that spans a variety of asset classes - including decent exposure to alternative assets like private equity, venture capital and investing in real estate.


Top Analyst Recommends Investing 15-20% of Assets in Real Estate Funds


Top Analyst Recommends Investing 15-20% of Assets in Real Estate Funds

“Low costs and diversification serve investors well”, advises respected longtime financial guru David Swenson, who developed “The Yale Model” and added $20.6 billion to the university’s endowment fund during his tenure as manager. Instead of just investing in U.S. stocks and bonds, he advocates including a broader range of asset classes, and recommends buying shares of private real estate funds like the KASA Investment Fund to comprise around 15-20 percent of your total financial portfolio.

The reason is simple: Real estate offers a very secure, proven way to earn reliable passive income for retirement (or whatever else you decide to spend it on), since brick-and-mortar properties offer a level of security that stocks, bonds and mutual funds just can’t compete with. By investing around 20 percent of your assets in a real estate investment fund, you can lock in significant gains from income producing properties owned by the fund, and also benefit from ongoing appreciation - all while enjoying tax-deferred income (if you buy shares using funds in your IRA account, that is). Of course, managing an income-producing property can be time-consuming and requires a level of expertise that many everyday investors just don’t want to deal with, which is why real estate funds like the KASA Investment fund are so attractive.



“If the stock market crashes and you need to be spending money out of your portfolio as income in retirement, you don’t want to suddenly lose 30 percent of your savings and be forced to sell whatever is left at a low price”, Swensen told NPR.


Why Should You Invest in the KASA Real Estate Investment Fund?

Why Should You Invest in the KASA Real Estate Investment Fund?

Shareholders of the KASA Investment Fund get to participate in the incredible level of financial success that is enjoyed by the KASA Hotel Collection, a visionary brand that also happens to be a member of the highly esteemed Small Luxury Hotels of the World. As elite members of the growing hospitality industry operating in the world’s top vacation destinations, Shareholders get all the benefits of being a hotel owner, without any of the stress and time that is required when you directly own and manage most income-producing investment properties.

Remember, real estate also responds to different market forces than stocks or bonds, thereby insulating part of your portfolio from corrections, crashes and general market volatility. Investing in real estate funds like the KASA Investment Fund adds yet another layer of protection, because you are buying shares of ownership in a thriving, multi-national luxury hotel brand that has proven its success in multiple locations. The company also operates using a brilliant business model that incurs zero debt throughout the entire process of acquiring and developing the investment properties that are owned by the fund.


The KASA Investment Fund Only Purchases Premium Land in Prime Locations

Also, the Fund only purchases premium land in prime locations that are on a strong upswing in popularity, thereby ensuring that all of the luxury hotels owned by the Fund will appreciate at a premium rate. All of the boutique properties will increase in value by 30-50 percent upon completion, above and beyond the purchase price and construction costs. This helps to further secure Shareholder investment, by providing protection against all other Fund assets until all of the initial investment capital has been recouped.


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