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Earn Secure ROI with a Condo in Tulum at Casa Libre

08 November, 2018

Earn Secure ROI with a Condo in Tulum at Casa Libre

Most investors already know that real estate offers one of the most reliable ways to earn secure, proven return on investment that will protect your assets from stock market volatility, but many are still not sure how to find the best income producing properties on the market right now. Read on to learn about a unique opportunity to collect ongoing rental income with beautiful new condos for sale in Tulum, Mexico, that are even approved for purchase with your IRA account! 

Income-Producing Condos for Sale in Tulum 

Situated in the exclusive Aldea Zamá neighborhood, the beautiful new condominiums for sale at Casa Libre Tulum are designed to optimize return on investment by offering secure, ongoing vacation rental income. The development is also focused on sustainability and providing a fabulous Tulum lifestyle experience that can only be found in Mexico’s Riviera Maya.

Income-Producing Condos for Sale in Tulum

Most of the condos for sale in Tulum at Casa Libre are designed with lock-off units, which makes it a breeze to maximize availability – and therefore collect the most vacation home rental income. Investors can select from a variety of different turnkey vacation home interior packages, including furniture, decorative accessories, bath and bedding. 

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Most of the condos at Casa Libre are Designed with Lock-off Units

Investors can also choose from a variety of different floor plans at Casa Libre, including spacious studios, lush garden homes, well-appointed two-bedroom units and luxurious penthouse condos for sale. Owners and guests alike will love the contemporary eco-chic atmosphere and will enjoy easy access to the best beaches in the world, ancient Mayan ruins and downtown Tulum (centro). 

Owners also get to enjoy VIP access to one of the exclusive Tulum beach clubs close to the development, and a personal concierge is always available to help guests and owners alike make the most out of every visit. Eco-friendly initiatives include solar panels to provide energy to all common areas in the Casa Libre development, and construction materials that are harvested from environmentally responsible FSC forests.

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