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Discover the Tulum Lifestyle in Mexico’s Riviera Maya

28 January, 2017

Discover the Tulum Lifestyle in Mexico’s Riviera Maya

Updated on January 18th, 2018.

Mexico is already well-established as one of the best places to retire abroad and one of the best countries for expats of all ages, period. But living in Tulum - a boho-chic beach town in Mexico’s Riviera Maya - stands out even among the other major destinations and expat havens in this part of Mexico, which include nearby Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

“Development in the area is booming,” writes Forbes of Tulum real estate. “Tourists are still coming… in droves.” 

Forbes contributor and luxury travel writer Jim Dobson says he’s been coming to Mexico’s Riviera Maya to experience the laid back, eco-chic Tulum lifestyle for many years. 


“My first visit was in true backpacker fashion, no air conditioning, camping beds…,” Dobson wrote. “That all quickly changed through the years as new boutique hotels opened with luxury accommodations at affordable rates, the fashionista and yoga devotees continued to flock from New York and Europe.”

As celebs and the international press got hip to this charming bohemian beach town, a number of new boutique hotels, luxury condos and other developments started to appear in this corner of Mexico, featuring world-class customer service, gourmet dining and high-end designer décor. Other signs of the increasing popularity of the region can be seen in Danish Chef Rene Redzepi’s highly successful Noma Mexico pop-up restaurant, which was open for just seven weeks during the spring and early summer of 2017 to the tune of $700+ per person, and sold out well before opening night.

Discover the Tulum Lifestyle in Mexico’s Riviera Maya - Noma

“I am impressed by the resilience of the locals, the creativity and passion to create new exciting options for high-end luxury tourists while also maintaining numerous inexpensive options for the budget traveler," wrote Dobson in Forbes.

New luxury properties like Nomade and Nest, as well as new developments like Villas Aqua and Villas Las Palmas Boutique Hotel & Residences, offer innovative accommodations and incredible local experiences to replace the everyday hotels and condos that you would expect to find in one of the world’s most popular beach destinations.

Of course, there’s also the $12,000-per-night Jashita Hotel penthouse suite, which overlooks the tranquil reef of protected Soliman Bay, if you're looking for real luxury. Launched by Italian hotelier Tommaso Marchiorello, it is possibly the most exclusive offering in the area right now.

“[This] has always been a magical place, from the dawn of time – a beach town that inspires a different way of thinking,” Tommaso told Dobson in a recent interview. “Its ability to blend art, design and culture with a deep appreciation of its beautiful natural environment, and to inspire and attract creatives from all over the world, are the cornerstones of its success.”

Discover the Tulum Lifestyle in Mexico’s Riviera Maya - Nomade

Dobson also recommends the Be Tulum Hotel, which is located across from the exclusive Yaan Wellness Spa – one of the most luxe spas in all of Mexico. Later this year the property will debut an addition to its offerings that includes new villas with private pools.

“There are very exciting things happening [here],” shared James Chippendale, owner of Nest boutique hotel. “The food offerings, boutiques and a few hotels are becoming more refined.”

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One of the most unique new hotels in the area is Casa Malca, which is set along a private beach overlooking the Mexican Caribbean Sea. Built by Columbian drug lord Pablo Escobar in the 1980’s, the property has been completely redesigned to offer large guest rooms and decadent furnishings, as well as a large collection of contemporary art. Still, Dobson says it’s the secret new underground swimming pool that has garnered the most attention.

“Located beneath the hotel’s main pool is this private and exclusive homage to the mysterious and elaborate past of previous tenants,”  he wrote. 

Discover the Tulum Lifestyle in Mexico’s Riviera Maya - Tulum

Finally, the Sanará Hotel boasts a unique jungle compound and villa atmosphere and is the brainchild of underwater photographer Daniella Hunter, who traveled to the Riviera Maya in 2000 and fell in love with the laid-back Mexican Caribbean lifestyle.

Asked about the future of the area, [Sanará Hotel] owner Charlie Stuart Gay told Dobson that, “Apart from the beaches and the great collection of boutique hotels, I think one of the most exciting developments I see are the culinary offerings. There is now a selection of world-class eateries.” 

All of this new development and growth has created a massive spike in demand for luxury condos and accommodations in the area that offer resort-style amenities but also maintain the essence of the Mexican Caribbean and foster a more personalized experience. Of course, this has spurred the creation of new developments to meet this demand, bringing with it investors who are eager to cash in on the continued growth, which is only ramping up and shows no signs of slowing down any time over the next decade or more.

Have you been to Mexico's Riviera Maya or ever considered investing in real estate abroad? Let us know in the comments!

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