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Competitive Advantages of KASA Real Estate Investment Fund Properties

13 August, 2019

Competitive Advantages of KASA Real Estate Investment Fund Properties

Offered by the prestigious KASA Hotel Collection, the KASA Investment Fund presents a 100% secure way to invest in real estate and earn tax-deferred retirement income of 12-15% per annum when you invest with your IRA. In addition, Shareholders get to enjoy the many incredible lifestyle and travel benefits of being a luxury hotel owner, with none of the responsibilities! The Fund is comprised of a growing and well-diversified portfolio of luxury beachfront hotels located throughout the Caribbean and the Americas, offering Shareholders exposure to the robust travel and tourism real estate market.

Here are six competitive advantages offered by the KASA Hotel Collection properties, which are part of the KASA Real Estate Investment Fund:

The KASA Hotel Collection Offers Guests the Opportunity to Enjoy a World-Class Experience at a Fantastic Price Point

1. Luxury Lifestyle, Product and Services at a Great Value

The KASA Hotel Collection offers guests the opportunity to enjoy a world-class experience at a fantastic price point, which keeps them coming back time after time. KASA doesn’t strive to have the most expensive properties, but instead the goal is to make sure that every guest enjoys their stay and receives excellent value for the money they spend. This philosophy lies at the core of the KASA Investment Fund’s long-term success and is also directly connected to the ongoing success of its entire portfolio of luxury beachfront hotel properties.

KASA Hotel Collection Offers Unique Guest Experiences

2. Unique Guest Experiences

All properties owned by the KASA Real Estate Investment Fund are designed to succeed in today’s marketplace, which is characterized by an increasingly competitive travel and tourism sector. As a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World, all KASA Hotel Collection properties offer guests easy access to a wide range of extraordinary local experiences, including activities, tours and excursions designed to make lifelong memories they will be excited to share with family and friends. Of course, Shareholders will also get to enjoy these exciting offerings whenever they visit KASA properties, as part of the Fund’s incredible investor benefits package.

KASA Offers High Design Concept at All Resorts and Hotels

3. High Design Concept at All Resorts and Hotels

No two properties in the KASA Hotel Collection are the same! Each hotel owned by the KASA Investment Fund is thoughtfully designed and inspired by the region’s natural beauty using local materials whenever possible. The goal is to have a strong impact on guests, which encourages them to share photos and experiences with friends and family on Instagram and other social media outlets. Each of the locally-inspired KASA properties also give guests the feeling of being in a “home away from home,” boasting a casual yet professional approach to service that feels more like you are visiting a friend’s luxury beach house than a typical hotel or resort.

“The KASA Hotel Collection was created to define a new level of luxury in the hospitality industry”, wrote Luxury Travel Magazine.All of the destinations offer privacy, comfort, exclusivity, personal service, attention to detail and unforgettable experiences”.

Phenomenal Food and Beverage Service At KASA Hotel Collection

4. Phenomenal Food and Beverage Service

All of the hotels and resorts owned by the KASA Investment Fund understand the importance of top-notch food and beverage service for today’s travelers, who are looking for more than just average options and expect to be delighted by delicious craft cocktails and locally-sourced menu items. At KASA hotels, as many products as possible are locally-sourced, organic and sustainable. On-site restaurants and bars also share this philosophy, offering seasonal menus designed to maintain great taste and increase the bottom line for investors.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Practices | KASA

5. Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Practices

All properties in the KASA Hotel Collection and KASA Investment Fund also recognize the importance of leading the way to a more sustainable future. As such, they remain committed to setting a positive example and operating in an eco-friendly manner and in cooperation with the local communities whenever possible.

KASA Has Recently Proposed a Variety of Programs for the Local Communities to Assist With Basic Education and Employment Skills

6. Corporate Social Responsibility

On a corporate level, KASA also recognizes the importance of giving back and knows that with great success comes even greater responsibility. The company has recently proposed a variety of programs for the local communities that are designed to assist with basic education and employment skills, and hotel guests are always encouraged to donate toys or children’s clothing. As the KASA Real Estate Investment Fund continues to grow, these practices will also expand into new markets to create an even greater positive social impact.

To sum it up, the KASA Investment Fund is an innovative way to invest in real estate with no ownership headaches that is also 100% secure, sustainable and offers the chance to collect ongoing tax-deferred income for retirement with annual returns of 12-15%. What are you waiting for?

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